Wednesday, April 15, 2015

190 Irans Nuclear Program

Letter to the editor published 8 April 2015

The US assertion that it were the sanctions imposed on Iran that made them come to the negotiating table, is a bit of a red herring. One could also maintain that the sanctions never worked and may drive Iranians into the Russian and Chinese camp. The hue and cry of the Israelis and their friends in Congress, that unless someone intervened, Iran could have the bomb within a few years unless Iran "was forced to stop", doesn't stack up with realities either. They have been saying this for the last 20 years. However Iran could unquestionably have produced a nuclear bomb many years ago if it had wanted to. Iran's nuclear program already started as early as the late fifties under the then Shah of Persia with US support. The country is endowed with a robust industrial base, exceptional engineering universities and a well educated population. Israel yielded a nuclear bomb within a few years, so did South Africa, India and even poor Pakistan and North Korea. So it is hard to believe that Iran had been unable to build the bomb within the last 20 years.


Letter to the editor published 16 April 2015 in response to a letter from Erin Eldridge.

Erin Eldridge made it quite clear in her letter (Press 10/04) that she is quite unable to refute the essential logic of my argument. I do not want to waste to much space on her outpourings, but one thing needs to be mentioned. What in fact is extremely naïve is to base bombing Iran, as advocated over the years by Netanyahu and his friends in Congress, on the misquoted allegation "wiping Israel of the map".
This is a misquote originating from a speech delivered by Ayatollah Khomeini to university students in the Farsi language.  What Khomeini actually said was: "This occupation regime over Jerusalem must vanish from the arena of time".
Anonymous wire service translators translated this wrongly to: "Israel must be wiped of the map" and was subsequently used as a pretext to accuse Iran of secretly building an atomic bomb.
Iran has far more to fear from Israel than the other way round.


The following is an excerpt of my letter to the editor, as initially I had some difficulties in getting my letter accepted I contacted him (ass. editor) personally to provide him with some background information:
" Erin Eldridge have been stalking my letters for the last twelve years or so and not once in all those years I have been given the opportunity to challenge her arguments. Over the years this has now become quite a regular pattern. This contributor hardly ever initiate a discussion herself , so she is always assured of  her final say and speculates on that. Like a spider in a web she jumps on anyone who dares to criticize Israel.  It is sometimes difficult to believe that this is sheer coincidence.  Her replies are always on a personal level.  In my letters I hardly ever am personal, I try to avoid that , unless I am  in agreement with the writer. My letters relate to a particular article and are not specifically focussed on any other contributor in these columns. My suggestion to the Press is therefore: Would it not be fair to adopt the simple rule that the one who is 'attacked' is allowed the final say in a discussion ? It obviates the easily evoked suspicion that the editor might be biased."


Sunday, March 15, 2015

188 Downing of the MH 17

The possibility of the MH 17 flight having been shot down by a ground-to-air missile was discussed by experts from the AAF (Federal Aviation Administration), the FBI, the Air Line Pilots Association, as well as the air traffic and operational officers.  They unanimously agreed that no proof of  anti- aircraft missile use has been provided to the public.
It is highly unlikely that the launch of such a missile would have gone unnoticed in the area, since the smoke trail left by the rocket in the air would have been witnessed and filmed by thousands of people. Virtually everyone these days carries a cell phone or i-pod.
One of the things settled on is that in the middle of the day, and if  indeed this were a Buk missile, the contrail would have been seen for 50 miles (80 Kms). The contrail itself would have been photographed by thousands of people and it would have been in minutes on Instagram, on Twitter and all over YouTube and none saw it ? You cannot fire a missile on a flat area in the middle of the day leaving a vapour trail into the air and no one has seen it.
There is no reliable information whatever, supporting that it was a Buk missile fired by either Russia or the Ukraine !
Besides a vapour trail being visible for a long time from great distances, would have located accurately the location from where the missile was launched, so it is highly unlikely that any of the two suspects - Russia and Ukraine - for that matter would have been so stupid to have used a Buk missile. 
Also in the extremely unlikely event that a Buk missile was fired with its distinctive vapour trail, it would most certainly have been mentioned in the Preliminary Report published last year by the Dutch Investigation Team.
However, this Preliminary report could also have reported that no condensation trail had been observed and one may wonder WHY ? To deliberately continue the controversy ?

Just consider the following. Could the Malaysian passenger plane MH 17 indeed have been downed by a Buk missile as suggested by western mainstream news media ? This is highly unlikely for the following reasons. The Russians could indeed have known that the plane was scheduled to leave Amsterdam 'Schiphol' airport at the given time and could have known its scheduled flight path.
However, what the Russians could NOT have known untill the last minutes, is that Kiev Air Control was to instruct the pilots to lower altitude and diverted the plane from its originally scheduled flight path over the east Ukrainian war zone !
That diversion of the flight path must have happened within the last half hour or so, when it showed up on Russian radar. Kiev could have thrown light on that, but remains silent, refusing to release the conversations between ATC and the planes' pilots, as has ben requested by Russia on several occasions. (Also the suddenly 'vanished' Spanish air controller could tell us more )
So the upshot is that it was totally impossible for the Russians to roll in from Russia and in broad daylight a Buk missile unit and make it ready to shoot down the plane within such an extremely short time span.
As I  have said before the ill-fated plane was not downed by a Buk missile. Neither Russia nor the Ukraine would have been so stupid to use a Buk missile, as it would have been too easily detected by its vapour trail and would have betrayed the location of the perpetrator of this crime.
The only credible explanation is that the plane was shot down in the air by jet fighters, as all available evidence and all circumstantial evidence so far is indisputably pointing in that direction.

PS.  Further down there is video footage of the launching of a Buk missile