Tuesday, July 22, 2014


In the present manufactured anti Russia hysteria, Chris Trotter (Press 22/07) stands out as a beacon of reason and logic. That MH17 was downed by a missile is beyond reasonable doubt. But since the in February re-kindled Cold War following the by US/NATO engineered violent coup detat in Kiev, Russia has been subjected to severe economic sanctions and an intense vilification campaign. It is hard to believe that Russia would offer the west such an opportune casu beli.  So the climate was already ripe to accuse Russia of this senseless act. But what has Russia got to gain and who benefited from this despicable crime? The Kiev regime for months now has been shelling and bombarding from the air several cities at an unprecedented scale, causing hundreds and thousands of refugees to flee over the border into Russia. The separatists in the past have indeed downed several planes without the use of surface to air missiles designed for use at high altitudes, the so called Buk, which are too easy to detect and require highly specialized trained crews. They did not need them since the planes they successfully shot down were within reach of shoulder mounted rocket launchers or what ever else they were using.  So what really happened depends entirely on the conversations that took place between the ill-fated plane's crew and Kiev air traffic control who, in my view deliberately failed to divert the plane to a safe flight corridor.. Kiev refuses to release these recordings. It has now also come to light that the plane for some time was shadowed by a Ukraine fighter jet equipped with missiles,  at a distance of three to four kms. The black boxes have now been handed over by the separatists in good order  to the Malaysian authorities. If they would have been guilty of the crime they would most certainly have hidden them or have tampered with  them.


Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Highly recommended and now available in the Christchurch libraries.

For the first time ever, six former heads of Israel's secret service tell their story.
Israel's crushing victory over its neighbours during the Six Day War in 1967 left it in control of a vast, hostile population living under Occupation. Dealing with that population-in times of calm and times of violent uprising-was the responsibility of Israel's secret service agency, Shin Bet.

The Gatekeepers offers a riveting and intimate insight into the Israeli-Palestine conflict told by the six former heads of Shin Bet. In a style reminiscent of the Fog of War, their confessions of torture and terrorism, arrests and assassinations are illustrated with archival footage and chilling animations. These offer a window into the moral dilemmas they faced as they unfolded. The citizens they swore to protect against terrorism may have been safer as a result of their actions, but was the country any closer to peace? Theirs is the ultimate cautionary tale of what happens to people and nations alike when they try to answer violence with violence.

Footnote: Shin Bet reminds me of the Hitlers 'Gestapo' (Geheime Statz Polizei) during World War 2


Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Huge oil and as fields have recently been discovered in the eastern Mediterranean Sea over the territorial waters of Israel, Syria, Lebanon, Cyprus and of course GAZA. These  Gas fields hold about 122 cubic feet of gas, plus the a potential of 1.6 barrels of oil. Needless to say that Israel wants it oil, now at Israel faces an upcoming energy security nightmare after cheap oil form Egypt's virtually exhausted oil fields are finished. Even Tony Blair came up with a brilliant plan for "developing" the Gaza gas fields via an agreement between British Gas and the Palestinian Authority, totally excluding Gaza.. The way Gaza is kept as a concentration camp, subjected to non stop collective punishments, may be revolting. But than it must be added the key economic component: by all available means Gaza must be prevented from accessing the Marine-1 and Marine - 2 gas fields. These will be gobbled up by Israel. Israel lords over all Palestinian natural resources - land, water and energy. So here is the "secret" of  Operation Protective Edge: the possibility that Palestinians could have their own gas generated wealth is an absolute red line. And even the European Union is in it for it, as it will make Europe less dependent on Russian gas.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Ukranian  Nazi colaborators in the west of the Ukraine at a parade of the 14th Volunteer Division of the Waffen SS on the 28th April 1943.
Neo Nazis of the current self appointed Kiev regime celebrating the 71st anniversary of the same event on the 27th April 2014.

Thursday, May 8, 2014


Following are some recent letters that were submitted to the Christchurch Press with regards the Ukrainian turmoil. Some were published, some not.

The front page articles in 'World'  (20/3) leave no doubt how deeply involved this paper s in the western disinformation and demonization campaigns as so aptly portrayed by your cartoonist a few days ago, in order to instil in the minds of the general public a completely distorted picture of what is really going on in the Ukraine to-day. In 2010 western powers recognized the legitimately elected Ukrainian government of  Yanokovitch , who was ousted in a violent covert coup by ultra right fascists and neo Nazis with the full support of the US and NATO. They were these with balaclavas masked thugs who were creating the mayhem, shooting at unarmed police, throwing Molotov cocktails and ransacking government buildings. These facts were recorded on several YouTube recordings but consistently ignored by the western mainstream corporate media. How can such an unelected Ukrainian regime be regarded as legitimate? Compare this with the peaceful referendum, supported by the overwhelming majority of the Crimean population. Remember Kosovo seceded from Serbia and the Falkland islands remained British following referendums. Scotland  at present is now planning to secede from Britain. 


As part of the disinformation war of our corporate media we can  of course expect a fair bit of "Russia bashing", a left-over from the Cold War and which hitherto has remained almost completely unchallenged. The same happened during the Iraq war and the majority of the general public as usually swallowed the propaganda lock stock and barrel. However it is fair to say that most people have now realized that, at the time they had been taken for a ride.  But there was one significant difference between then and now. During the Iraq, Vietnam and other wars the news media were inundated with letters from their readers and there were often heated debates in the letter columns. Those discussions may have contributed to making people more aware and more critical of how insidious propaganda is. But sadly enough not these days. The confrontation between the two super powers has lead us to a far more dangerous confrontation then ever before, which might easily ignite a nuclear conflagration.. That should be an important reason for allowing the public to have their say in matters of life and death, matters that will ultimately effect their own , their children and future generations lives. Many concerned people to-day are better informed because they have turned to alternative, independent news outlets that also stimulate interesting and informative debates via the internet. The letter pages of our printed press and TV outlets, remain conspicuous for their silence and absence of any meaningful debate, leaving corporate mainstream propaganda unchallenged and unopposed.

28/02/2014  (Published)
With great interest I have read Chris Trotter's fair and well balanced article ('Press' Feb 25) on the current political unrest in the Ukraine. Perhaps The Press will allow me to add some historical facts important to understand why the anti-government riots were mainly situated in the western part of the country. During the past centuries large numbers of people from central Europe migrated to the vast thinly populated expanses of the then Russian empire. When the Germans invaded Russia in June 1941 they were initially welcomed with flowers by their descendants, the majority of whom were of German origin. However,  after they discovered what their "liberators" were up to, and apart from a very small number of traitors who enlisted in the German army, Ukrainians joined the Partisans, the fearless Russian resistance. Russia lost 20 million people during World War II. So the upshot is that in the western Ukraine there has always been a small core of fanatics, easily manipulated from  the outside, striving to break away from Moscow. How this will play out in the month to come remains to be seen. Allow me to mention that the Ukraine has had two elections both presidential and parliamentary and was given a clean bill of health both from the EU and Washington.


10 April 2014 (published)
An article (April 8) dealing with the unrest in the eastern parts of the Ukraine stated that the Russian Government had "branded" the Kiev regime as illegitimate. Of course that is very true and hence gave legitimacy to the Crimean referendum and any future referendum that may follow. The Crimean referendum was conducted in a very peaceful manner. No shots were fired, no people were killed. Compare this with the violent overthrow of the previous legitimate elected Ukrainian government of Yanokovitch during an extremely violent coup d'├ętat, illegal in accordance to international law. Yanokovitch might have been corrupt, that happens more often in our world to-day and is nothing new, but he would most likely have been removed, or impeached in the next election to be held in December of this year. According to a telephone conversation between the Estonian Minister of Foreign Affairs, who happened to be in Kiev at the time and Catherina Ashton of the European Union, the Estonian Foreign Minister revealed that the killings of both protesters and police in Kiev was orchestrated by elements belonging to groups of fascists and neo-Nazis and should be investigated. The present Kiev regime however, is refusing to co-operate. The conversation is recorded on YouTube and can be watched on (contraviewing.blogspot.com) The Estonian Foreign Affairs Ministry confirmed that the recoding is authentic.


28 April 2014 (published 'in a few words')
A dark stain was cast on this years Anzac Day. Seventy years ago we fought fascism and Nazism. To-day we are supporting fascists and  neo-Nazis in Ukraine. I am sure that those who paid the ultimate price with their lives during WW II are turning in their graves.