Thursday, August 29, 2013


Many a reader and contributor to the Press letter pages must no doubt have noticed with great concern an apparent black out of debate on the Middle East crisis and in particular the US/Israel role  in the crisis, which is of paramount global importance. During the years of the Iraq war and before, there has always been lively and intense debates. Not any more. One may wonder what is behind this. The recently adopted GCSB surveillance legislation is no doubt all about population control. Censorship, i.e. the suppression of freedom of citizens to freely express themselves on extremely worrying developments in our world, in particular Israel, is no doubt also part of population and mind control. Only local, trivial and silly letters find their ways to the letter pages to-day. It would be unfair to blame individual editors - although surely carefully vetted - since they receive their directions and guidelines from 'above' and probably in conjunction with government policies as well.
They do have to comply if they don't want to loose their jobs. Yes, much have changed in recent years and not always for the better.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


So the US is planning to escalate the Syrian war and inflicting even more destruction, chaos and civilian casualties on that hapless country. Western powers have been supporting an internally divided bunch of rebels affiliated to al Qaida and al Nusra by supplying them with all sorts of weaponry. It just doesn't make any sense. Besides to accuse the Syrian government troops of the recent chemical attack on civilians defies all logic. Why would they do so precisely at a time when UN inspectors have entered the country? How can the Syrian government be made responsible for refusing UN inspectors to enter a rebel held area when the area is occupied by the opposition?  The last few month the Syrian army was getting a grip on the situation and had cleared several rebel held towns. They were steadily gaining ground, so there was no need for them whatever to use chemical weapons. What do they gain by launching chemical attacks on civilians and thus providing an excuse for western powers to intervene?  Only rebel forces would gain by it not the Syrian government. It is also known that rebels have used chemical weapons on a small scale before. This latest chemical attack has all the hallmarks of an outside power attempting to provide an excuse to intervene and escalate a war in which the Syrian army was gaining the upper hand.
26 August 2013


Robin Pawsy is absolutely right when he states that Palestinian and Jews have a 'common ancestry' (Press 22/08). When Islam spread over the Middle East between appr. 650 ad and 750 ad most of the population then living in Palestine and beyond converted to Islam en mass. The other minor religions such as Judaism and Christianity were accepted and tolerated by Islam. In fact Jews often joined the Islamic armies during their further conquests west along North Africa into Spain (Sephardi Jews) and east as far as the Caucuses and southern Russia (the Jewish Khazar Empire)_ Jews often became proselytizers for Judaism in the Islamic conquered countries. The 'Jews" who in large numbers, often illegally entered Palestine after WW2 however, are converted Jews genetically mainly Caucasian of Russian and East European descent.
22 August 2013


Old persisting myth tend to linger on for long times.  This has certainly been the case with the atom bombing of Japan in August 1945 and the erroneous claim that it would save thousands of American lives. The truth however is quite different. Intelligent data revealed in the 1980's show that Japan's situation in the Pacific was virtually in a state of collapse and that it was already working on peace negotiations as early as April 1945.  This was also confirmed by the Dutch Judge Professor Bert Roling what sat on the international Military Tribunal for the far East and revealed that it was rather the threat of a (partial) Soviet occupation that made Japan surrender. The Russians had already proclaimed their intend at the Potsdam meeting to enter the war in the Far East ninety days after VE Day (May 8th) which would have been August 8, two days after Hiroshima was bombed on August 6. The bombs were meant to be a warning to the Russians. It was the beginning of the Cold War.
5 August 2013


Part of Bradley Manning's defence is enshrined in the Nuremberg Tribunal trials, which tried NAZI leaders after WW2, but was dismissed by the Court. This makes his trial a travesty of justice. The Chief prosecutor at Nuremberg at the time insisted that the central crime committed by defendants and the source of all crimes was "the preparation and waging wars of aggression". Also obeying orders where clearly war crimes have been committed, as revealed by Manning during the Iraq war, 'shall not be a defence'. They are therefore the instigators planning the Iraq war on what we now know turned out to be pure fabrications ands lies who should be on trial and not Manning. This brave man felt he had the moral duty and courage to reveal what he had witnessed during his tour of duty in Iraq.
1 August 2013


I can see quite a distinct correlation between mounting impoverishment in the US (Press 30/07) and  aggressive surveillance programs being created in the world, including New Zealand's contentious GSCB bill currently discussed in Parliament. Billions of dollars are being squandered annually on armaments and propping up corrupt dictatorships, while millions of people are suffering extreme hardship. One in six people to-day lives in a slum. This must inevitably lead to ever increasing discontent amongst large sections of the world's population, who will no longer tolerate and accept such economic deprivations and injustice. Since the American fake democratic system does not offer people real viable choices, it stands to reason that ever mounting poverty and increased discontent must eventually at some future point in time be spilling over in violence. It is a trend governments are no doubt well aware off and are therefore already taking such draconian steps as spying on their own populations, enabling them to nib any unrest in the bud.
31 July 2013