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172 Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas moves to join International Criminal Court - The Washington Post

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas moves to join International Criminal Court - The Washington Post

Friday, November 14, 2014

168 Letters to the Chrstchurch Press

As could have been expected the reporting of 'investigations' (Press 'World' 11/09) by the western media of the downing of the Malaysian passenger plane MH17 is being politicized and given an anti-Russian spin. The findings of the plane being hit by 'high energy objects from outside the aircraft' are in fact more consistent with holes caused by machine gun fire. The Malaysian daily 'The New Straits Times' reported on August 7 that there is compelling evidence that the plane was downed by an air-to-air missile and "finished off by machinegun fire" from one of the two Ukrainian fighter jets observed in close proximity from the ill-fated plane. These findings were corroborated by several US intelligence agencies according to the same article, as well as eye witness accounts from locals on the ground as published in the British press but shortly after publication withdrawn. (see previous post 167). This side of the story also corroborates with the analysis of a German pilot and aviation expert and can be found on the website ''.
Submitted 11 September but rejected.

The author of your editorial (27/09) appears to be suffering from amnesia. The Gulf states and CIA in Jordan have been financing, training and funnelling weapons to ISIS terrorists with the stated goal of regime change in Syria. This has turned out to be yet another debacle for the US. The Syrian army has been able to push the terrorists back to her eastern borders and deep into Iraq, where ISIS subsequently over ran a totally ineffective Iraqi army and gained access to huge stockpiles of yet more American armaments. The Syrian army carried out the bulk of the battle against ISIS, so it would have been logical to support Assad in defeating ISIS. The reasons the US chose not to do so is America's ultimate goal to topple Assad and deprive the Russians of their naval base on the Mediterranean. Its now only a matter of time and another pretext will be found to attack Syria. That may lead to an extremely dangerous confrontation between the tow major nuclear powers. So New Zealand should stay out and let America sort out the mess of which they themselves are the principle architects.
Published 30/09/2014


John Key, according to Warren Thompson (10/10) is "struggling" to make a decision for sending the SAS to the ME. Key obviously must be in a quandary making that decision because as a contender for a set in the UN Security Council he is well aware that the American bombing of ISIS in Syria without the approval of the Syrian government is in breach of the UN Charter and international law. However why should New Zealand join in, knowing that America and its dubious allies in the ME possess all the military means to root out these medievalist head choppers ? Ans why not involve Israel which is the strongest military power in the ME ? The US is utterly disingenuous since it has - though so far unsuccessfully - over the last three years intentionally used ISIS (under many different names before) to gain a foorhold in Syria to bring down the democratically elected government of Bashar al Assad. Now the US is trying it again through the backdoor. If the US was genuine it should stop funding and arm terrorists fighting inside Syria and coordinate with the Syrian government to end the scourge of the Islamic caliphate.
Published 14/10/2014


From all accounts it appears that the elections in the Donbass self-proclaimed republic in eastern Ukraine have turned out to be an unqualified success (Press 04/11). The elections were closely monitored by a host of observers from France, Italy, Israel, Britain and many other European countries, who stated that the elections were carried out in accordance with international democratic norms. The turn out was close to 8o% and in stark contrast with recent Kiev elections, where just under about 40% went to the ballot box. (Please Note: the popular Communist Party amongst other parties were barred from the elections). The Kiev elections were marred with intimidation and molestations of journalists and candidates some of whom had been dumped in rubbish containers. Its not surprising that the Russian speaking people voted for separation from Kiev after months of war resulting in 4000 civilians killed during indiscriminate shelling and bombing by Kiev militias. Unreported by western media is the fact that serious war crimes have been committed by the Kiev regime as became evident by the discovery of unmarked graves in the east of civilians with hands tied behind their backs.
Not published 04/11/2014


So John Key reluctantly and most likely after some arm twisting by our US friends, opted for New Zealand joining the "coalition of the not so willing" to combat ISIS. However the Prime Minister must no doubt be aware of the real intentions of the United States which is the overthrow of the Assad government. ISIS is a merger of several terrorist groups in Syria and funded and funnelled with weapons by the Gulf states and trained in Jordan by the CIA and te Israeli Mossad. Has one ever wondered why ISIS does not attack Israel ? I also remember some TV footage not long ago of Netanyahu visiting wounded terrorists (euphemistically called "Free Syrian Army") in a hospital in the Golden Heights. Where does NZ stand in the event the war transgresses into government held Syrian territory. Syria is a sovereign independent state which has been fighting ISIS for the last three years, which would make it a natural ally. Syria is treaty bound with Russia, with a mutual defence pact and Russia has already warned that any attack on Syria is crossing a Red Line ! Organizing and supporting armed groups aiming at overthrowing sovereign governments is a violation of international law and the UN Charter. Besides participating is a war that has already cost more than 200,000 lives is downright immoral and New Zealand never be part of it.
06/11/2014 Not published


The insistence of western news media that the Malaysian passenger plane MH17  was downed by a Russian Buk missile (Press 12/11) contradicts several unreported expert analysis who found that the plane was shot down in the air by one of the Ukrainian fighter jets that had been seen trailing the ill-fated plane for some time. This fact was confirmed by Russian air traffic control who at the time had released radar images of the plane's flight path. A very compelling analysis was done by a German pilot and aviation expert ( convincingly showing that the fuselage was riddled with bullet holes consistent with that from a heavy machine gun. This also corroborates with a recent report that some passengers had time to grab their oxygen masks. (A body was found with still an oxygen mask on). If indeed the plane had been downed by a missile than its condensation vapor trail would have been visible for at least 15 minutes from distances up to 30 kms. Surely someone would have made a picture of it. These days almost everyone carries a cell phone  capable of making pictures.                                       
Submitted 12 Nov but rejected


Friday, September 12, 2014

164 OSCE Investigator: Flight MH17 downed by machine-gun fire

I also would like viewers to refer to the German website ' for an extremely detailed analysis explaining the causes of what brought MH17 to disintegrate in midair.

Monday, August 11, 2014


To The Minister of Foreign Affairs,
      The Rt Hon Murray McCully

Rolleston, 10 August 2014

Subject: Your letter 8 August 2014

Dear Sir,
Thank you for your response to my letter of 20 July 2014 to the Prime Minister, the member of Parliament for Selwyn, as well as to the Leaders of the Labour and Green Parties.

I must however express my profound disappointment in the stance New Zealand is taking on the matter, when you state that New Zealand supports the "two-state solution" through the Middle East Peace Process.

The so called "Peace Process" has been going on for decades without any tangible progress so that by now the government surely must be well aware that a two-state solution can no longer be a realistic and viable option. The continued expansion over the years of new 'Jewish' settlements - illegal under international law - ;the demolition of Palestinian houses; the confiscation of Palestinian land; carving up the land with huge separation walls in the occupied West Bank, makes it abundantly clear that Israel is not seriously interested in a two-state solution. Israel by its actions has already made this an impossibility.

What is also becoming increasingly clear is that Israel is using the "Peace Process" as a means to further her illegal annexation of the West Bank. Israel is in fact sabotaging the process and acting in stark violation of international law. The New Zealand government no doubt must be well aware of these serious violations of international law.

So it follows from this that by adhering - against better judgement I might say - to the absolute impossible goal of a two-state solution New Zealand has blood on its hands, since it is complicit in what virtually amounts to aiding and abetting Israel's appalling crimes against humanity.  What the world is witnessing in Gaza to-day cannot be described otherwise than exceedingly grave war crimes.

In light of the foregoing I strongly urge this government to make serious efforts to uphold international law and condemn Israel's genocidal war in Gaza. I am convinced and I am speaking on
behalf of most New Zealanders, when I ask this government to suspend the Israeli embassy for as long as  that country defies international laws and is committing hideous humanitarian crimes. I hope you agree that Israel must be held criminally accountable for its war crimes against humanity.
Yours Faithfully,
etc. etc.

cc: PM John Key; Amy Adams, MP for National; Mr. Cunliffe, Labour; Russel Norman, Greens.

PS I have already signed the petition requesting closing the Israeli Embassy


Saturday, July 26, 2014


Huge oil and gas fields have recently been discovered in the eastern Mediterranean Sea over the territorial waters of Israel, Syria, Lebanon, Cyprus and of course GAZA. These  Gas fields hold about 122 cubic feet of gas, plus the a potential of 1.6 barrels of oil. Needless to say that Israel wants its oil, now that Israel faces an upcoming energy security nightmare after cheap oil form Egypt's virtually exhausted oil fields are finished. Even Tony Blair came up with a brilliant plan for "developing" the Gaza gas fields via an agreement between British Gas and the Palestinian Authority, totally excluding Gaza.. The way Gaza is kept as a concentration camp, subjected to non stop collective punishments, may be revolting. But than it must be added the key economic component: by all available means Gaza must be prevented from accessing the Marine-1 and Marine - 2 gas fields. These will be gobbled up by Israel. Israel lords over all Palestinian natural resources - land, water and energy. So here is the "secret" of  Operation Protective Edge: the possibility that Palestinians could have their own gas generated wealth is an absolute red line. And even the European Union is in it for it, as it will make Europe less dependent on Russian gas.

159 About origins

Some historical questions were recently raised by correspondents about the origins of the Jewish people and their "return to the Promised Land". However the overwhelming majority of immigrants to Palestine after WW2  are genetically and ethnically of Russian/East European origin (e.g. Netanyahu's family name before 1910 was Mileikowski  from Belarus)  There is a consensus amongst secular historians that Jews and Palestinians were both Canaanites who are believed to have embraced the 'one God religion' between 1000 and 700 BC, the first monotheist religion.  It was during the rule of  King Joshua that Judaism became the overall dominant religion.  The rapid emergence and acceptance of Islam took place between 600 and 800 AD and quickly expanded across the entire Middle  East. From 700 AD Islam expanded further westward across North Africa as far as the southern half of Spain (Sephardi Jews) and eastward into southern Russia. Judaism, although now a minority religion still coexisted peacefully with Islam. The Jews who had joined the Islamic armies became proselytizers for the Jewish religion. The King of Khazaria (southern Russia) converted to Judaism in 740 AD and so did his subjects. The two religions coexisted peacefully until the beginning of the 20th century. After WW2   Jewish people from the concentration camps were en mass transported to Palestine. In 1947 America was prepared to absorb 400,000 Holocaust survivors (the Straton Bill) but the bill was defeated by the Jewish lobby, who wanted manpower for their new state. European Jews have always preferred America as their 'chosen country' and few American Jews are willing to swap America for Israel.


Thursday, July 24, 2014


Double click on the link and another URL the right one appears. Be patient. Really worthwhile watching.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


In the present manufactured anti Russia hysteria, Chris Trotter (Press 22/07) stands out as a beacon of reason and logic. That MH17 was downed by a missile is beyond reasonable doubt. But since the in February re-kindled Cold War following the by US/NATO engineered violent coup detat in Kiev, Russia has been subjected to severe economic sanctions and an intense vilification campaign. It is hard to believe that Russia would offer the west such an opportune casu beli.  So the climate was already ripe to accuse Russia of this senseless act. But what has Russia got to gain and who benefited from this despicable crime? The Kiev regime for months now has been shelling and bombarding from the air several cities at an unprecedented scale, causing hundreds and thousands of refugees to flee over the border into Russia. The separatists in the past have indeed downed several planes without the use of surface to air missiles designed for use at high altitudes, the so called Buk, which are too easy to detect and require highly specialized trained crews. They did not need them since the planes they successfully shot down were within reach of shoulder mounted rocket launchers or what ever else they were using.  So what really happened depends entirely on the conversations that took place between the ill-fated plane's crew and Kiev air traffic control who, in my view deliberately failed to divert the plane to a safe flight corridor.. Kiev refuses to release these recordings. It has now also come to light that the plane for some time was shadowed by a Ukraine fighter jet equipped with missiles,  at a distance of three to four kms. The black boxes have now been handed over by the separatists in good order  to the Malaysian authorities. If they would have been guilty of the crime they would most certainly have hidden them or have tampered with  them.


Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Highly recommended and now available in the Christchurch libraries.

For the first time ever, six former heads of Israel's secret service tell their story.
Israel's crushing victory over its neighbours during the Six Day War in 1967 left it in control of a vast, hostile population living under Occupation. Dealing with that population-in times of calm and times of violent uprising-was the responsibility of Israel's secret service agency, Shin Bet.

The Gatekeepers offers a riveting and intimate insight into the Israeli-Palestine conflict told by the six former heads of Shin Bet. In a style reminiscent of the Fog of War, their confessions of torture and terrorism, arrests and assassinations are illustrated with archival footage and chilling animations. These offer a window into the moral dilemmas they faced as they unfolded. The citizens they swore to protect against terrorism may have been safer as a result of their actions, but was the country any closer to peace? Theirs is the ultimate cautionary tale of what happens to people and nations alike when they try to answer violence with violence.

Footnote: Shin Bet reminds me of the Hitlers 'Gestapo' (Geheime Statz Polizei) during World War 2


Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Ukranian  Nazi colaborators in the west of the Ukraine at a parade of the 14th Volunteer Division of the Waffen SS on the 28th April 1943.
Neo Nazis of the current self appointed Kiev regime celebrating the 71st anniversary of the same event on the 27th April 2014.

Thursday, May 8, 2014


Following are some recent letters that were submitted to the Christchurch Press with regards the Ukrainian turmoil. Some were published, some not.

The front page articles in 'World'  (20/3) leave no doubt how deeply involved this paper s in the western disinformation and demonization campaigns as so aptly portrayed by your cartoonist a few days ago, in order to instil in the minds of the general public a completely distorted picture of what is really going on in the Ukraine to-day. In 2010 western powers recognized the legitimately elected Ukrainian government of  Yanokovitch , who was ousted in a violent covert coup by ultra right fascists and neo Nazis with the full support of the US and NATO. They were these with balaclavas masked thugs who were creating the mayhem, shooting at unarmed police, throwing Molotov cocktails and ransacking government buildings. These facts were recorded on several YouTube recordings but consistently ignored by the western mainstream corporate media. How can such an unelected Ukrainian regime be regarded as legitimate? Compare this with the peaceful referendum, supported by the overwhelming majority of the Crimean population. Remember Kosovo seceded from Serbia and the Falkland islands remained British following referendums. Scotland  at present is now planning to secede from Britain. 


As part of the disinformation war of our corporate media we can  of course expect a fair bit of "Russia bashing", a left-over from the Cold War and which hitherto has remained almost completely unchallenged. The same happened during the Iraq war and the majority of the general public as usually swallowed the propaganda lock stock and barrel. However it is fair to say that most people have now realized that, at the time they had been taken for a ride.  But there was one significant difference between then and now. During the Iraq, Vietnam and other wars the news media were inundated with letters from their readers and there were often heated debates in the letter columns. Those discussions may have contributed to making people more aware and more critical of how insidious propaganda is. But sadly enough not these days. The confrontation between the two super powers has lead us to a far more dangerous confrontation then ever before, which might easily ignite a nuclear conflagration.. That should be an important reason for allowing the public to have their say in matters of life and death, matters that will ultimately effect their own , their children and future generations lives. Many concerned people to-day are better informed because they have turned to alternative, independent news outlets that also stimulate interesting and informative debates via the internet. The letter pages of our printed press and TV outlets, remain conspicuous for their silence and absence of any meaningful debate, leaving corporate mainstream propaganda unchallenged and unopposed.

28/02/2014  (Published)
With great interest I have read Chris Trotter's fair and well balanced article ('Press' Feb 25) on the current political unrest in the Ukraine. Perhaps The Press will allow me to add some historical facts important to understand why the anti-government riots were mainly situated in the western part of the country. During the past centuries large numbers of people from central Europe migrated to the vast thinly populated expanses of the then Russian empire. When the Germans invaded Russia in June 1941 they were initially welcomed with flowers by their descendants, the majority of whom were of German origin. However,  after they discovered what their "liberators" were up to, and apart from a very small number of traitors who enlisted in the German army, Ukrainians joined the Partisans, the fearless Russian resistance. Russia lost 20 million people during World War II. So the upshot is that in the western Ukraine there has always been a small core of fanatics, easily manipulated from  the outside, striving to break away from Moscow. How this will play out in the month to come remains to be seen. Allow me to mention that the Ukraine has had two elections both presidential and parliamentary and was given a clean bill of health both from the EU and Washington.


10 April 2014 (published)
An article (April 8) dealing with the unrest in the eastern parts of the Ukraine stated that the Russian Government had "branded" the Kiev regime as illegitimate. Of course that is very true and hence gave legitimacy to the Crimean referendum and any future referendum that may follow. The Crimean referendum was conducted in a very peaceful manner. No shots were fired, no people were killed. Compare this with the violent overthrow of the previous legitimate elected Ukrainian government of Yanokovitch during an extremely violent coup d'├ętat, illegal in accordance to international law. Yanokovitch might have been corrupt, that happens more often in our world to-day and is nothing new, but he would most likely have been removed, or impeached in the next election to be held in December of this year. According to a telephone conversation between the Estonian Minister of Foreign Affairs, who happened to be in Kiev at the time and Catherina Ashton of the European Union, the Estonian Foreign Minister revealed that the killings of both protesters and police in Kiev was orchestrated by elements belonging to groups of fascists and neo-Nazis and should be investigated. The present Kiev regime however, is refusing to co-operate. The conversation is recorded on YouTube and can be watched on ( The Estonian Foreign Affairs Ministry confirmed that the recoding is authentic.


28 April 2014 (published 'in a few words')
A dark stain was cast on this years Anzac Day. Seventy years ago we fought fascism and Nazism. To-day we are supporting fascists and  neo-Nazis in Ukraine. I am sure that those who paid the ultimate price with their lives during WW II are turning in their graves.    


Thursday, March 6, 2014

148 'Behind snipers not Yanukovich but somebody from new coalition' - Ashton...

The Estonian Foreign Ministry has confirmed that the recording of his conversation with EU foreign policy chief is authentic. Urmas Paet said that snipers who shot protesters and police in Kiev were hired by Maiden leaders. Paet told RIA-Novosti news agency that he talked to Catherine Ashton last week right after returning from Kiev, but refrained from further comments, saying that he has to listen to the tape first. Its very disappointing that such surveillance took place altogether. It's not a coincidence that this conversation was uploaded (to the web) to-day, he stressed. My conversation with Ashton took place last week right after I returned from Kiev. At that time I was already in Estonia, Paet added.
Paet also gave a press conference about the leaked tape on Wednesday, saying that the dramatic events in Kiev, which resulted in people being killed, must become subject of an independent investigation. The Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs also issued a statement on its website, saying that the recording of the leaked telephone conversation between Paet and Ashton is 'authentic'.


Thursday, February 27, 2014


Anna Baltzar is an American Jewish women who vividly describes the plight of the Palestinian people in the West Bank. This very moving one hour long eyewitness account makes compelling reading. It is one of the best documentaries I have seen.
click on:

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

145 Stone Cold Justice

Israeli soldiers in the West Bank targeting intimidating and traumatizing children some as young as five years old. A brave Australian documentary from 'Four Corners'. Lasts about one hour but a MUST to watch.
Click on the link: