Monday, August 11, 2014


To The Minister of Foreign Affairs,
      The Rt Hon Murray McCully

Rolleston, 10 August 2014

Subject: Your letter 8 August 2014

Dear Sir,
Thank you for your response to my letter of 20 July 2014 to the Prime Minister, the member of Parliament for Selwyn, as well as to the Leaders of the Labour and Green Parties.

I must however express my profound disappointment in the stance New Zealand is taking on the matter, when you state that New Zealand supports the "two-state solution" through the Middle East Peace Process.

The so called "Peace Process" has been going on for decades without any tangible progress so that by now the government surely must be well aware that a two-state solution can no longer be a realistic and viable option. The continued expansion over the years of new 'Jewish' settlements - illegal under international law - ;the demolition of Palestinian houses; the confiscation of Palestinian land; carving up the land with huge separation walls in the occupied West Bank, makes it abundantly clear that Israel is not seriously interested in a two-state solution. Israel by its actions has already made this an impossibility.

What is also becoming increasingly clear is that Israel is using the "Peace Process" as a means to further her illegal annexation of the West Bank. Israel is in fact sabotaging the process and acting in stark violation of international law. The New Zealand government no doubt must be well aware of these serious violations of international law.

So it follows from this that by adhering - against better judgement I might say - to the absolute impossible goal of a two-state solution New Zealand has blood on its hands, since it is complicit in what virtually amounts to aiding and abetting Israel's appalling crimes against humanity.  What the world is witnessing in Gaza to-day cannot be described otherwise than exceedingly grave war crimes.

In light of the foregoing I strongly urge this government to make serious efforts to uphold international law and condemn Israel's genocidal war in Gaza. I am convinced and I am speaking on
behalf of most New Zealanders, when I ask this government to suspend the Israeli embassy for as long as  that country defies international laws and is committing hideous humanitarian crimes. I hope you agree that Israel must be held criminally accountable for its war crimes against humanity.
Yours Faithfully,
etc. etc.

cc: PM John Key; Amy Adams, MP for National; Mr. Cunliffe, Labour; Russel Norman, Greens.

PS I have already signed the petition requesting closing the Israeli Embassy