Friday, December 31, 2010


91. Historians make no mention of an expulsion of the inhabitants of Judea after the destruction of the second Temple or after the Bar-Kokhba revolt. There does not exist one single study or book written by any of the world's historians devoted to an alleged 'exile of the Jews' by the Romans, for the simple reason that no such forcible expulsion ever took place.  Yet Zionism needed a solid ethnocentric legitimacy in order to justify the pursuit of conquest and expansion of territory and managed to have this 'legimacy' recognized by wide circles of western opinion.  For example the conquerors of the Holy City could not appear, even in part,as descendants of Berber horsemen or Khazars. They had to be the heirs of the warriors of the great 'Kingdom of David'.  Hence a whole historiographic heritage of the world's most renowned historians was unacceptable to Zionism, had to be ignored and kept hidden from Israel's citizens and students.  It was replaced by a 'seculerised' mythhistory of the Old Testament.  However it is a bitter irony of history that rather than continuing the lines of pluralistic research into this rich tradition, from the early 1970's the hunt was on in Israeli laboratories of molecular biology, for marks of a DNA common to all 'children of Israel'.
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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Palestinian State ?

  green: states already recognizing the Palestinian state, some not Israel
90.   Do we see cracks appearing in the western world protecting the Zionist state ? Britain seeking to open diplomatic relations with the Palestinian authority, Latin American countries recognizing a Palestinian state on the West Bank ? Would it not be wonderful to have a genuine sovereign democratic multicultural Palestinian state where Arabs, Christians and Jews can live in peace and harmony together, where a Jew can marry an Arab and vise verse. Could this eventually lead to a unitary state ? Is that where Zionism is afraid of  because it would set a great example to the Israeli ONE religion only state. However the Zionist regime in Israel would never allow this to happen. It will no doubt invent new provocations, as they did in Gaza, and continue their belligerence  and war against the Palestinian people, thus ensuring ever more American military and economic aid and the western world's Zionist dominated corporate media will invariably comply.

Monday, December 6, 2010


89. I have repeatedly emphasized the fact that the original ancient Palestinian Jews and Arabs belong to the same race. Zionists vehemently deny this fact. During the 1950's they carried out extensive research to prove that Jews are a pure race. At first exhaustive research was done on possible characteristic Jewish fingerprints and as from the 1970's biologists were trying to find a genetic marker common to all Jews. All their findings proved to be inconclusive and unsupported by any scientific findings. Their attempts to justify Zionism through genetics is reminiscent of the work of late 19th century anthropologists and later in Nazi Germany, where attempts were made to 'scientifically' discover specific characteristics of Europeans to prove the existence of the "Master Race". As of to-day nu study based on anonymous DNA samples have succeeded in identifying a genetic marker specific to Jews and it is not likely that any future study will. Is it not somewhat ironical that they are precisely the very descendants of the Holocaust survivors who are engaged in 'research' to find a biological Jewish identity ? Hitler would no doubt be very pleased if Zionists had succeeded. However it is all the more repulsive that this kind of research should be carried out in a state that for many years has followed a policy of "Judaization" of the country, in which even to this day a Jew is not allowed to marry a non-Jew.


88. Only during the empire of David and Solomon, did the Jews ever control some of Palestine. The empire lasted 70 years ending in 926 BC. Some 250 years later the Kingdom of Judah had shrunk to a small province round Jerusalem. Yet the Jews solemnly pretend they still own Palestine. (name derived from Greek 'Philistine').After the great Muslim expansion about 650 AD Arabs as well as a small minority of Jews have lived there for more than 1300 years in complete peace and harmony together. I wonder if the world would have ever seen a stranger sight than a group of people seriously pretending to claim a land because their ancestors happened to live there some 2000 years ago. Remember Palestine is also the birthday of Jesus Christ and Christianity. But would any Christian nation to-day claim it on that account. The Jewish 'religious claim' to Palestine is as absurd as the 'historic claim'. The Holy Places, sacred to the great religions, must be open to all of them.


87. Incidentally the persecution of the Jews has been almost entirely confined to the Christian nations of Europe, notably Poland, Russia, and of course Nazi Germany. Jews have lived for many centuries in the Middle East in complete peace and harmony with their Arab neighbors. They were always a small minority. When Spain was an Arab possession Jews developed freely and reached unprecedented importance. Syria, Iraq. Lebanon, Iran and other Arab centres have always contained prosperous Jewish colonies and have always received generous treatment (even under Saddam and Iran to-day) far and far better than in Christian Europe. Even after the Zionist creation of the colonial settlers state of Israel in 1948 the overwhelming majority of the Diaspora Jews did not return to 'The Promised Land', simply because they considered themselves nationals of the countries in which they happened to live. An American Jew sees himself as an American, nor an Israeli.


86. There can never be peace with he Islamic world as long as the US supports Israel and allows this country to violate international law and commit crimes against humanity. Indonesia (as far as I am aware and several other countries) has never recognised the State of Israel. The latter is seen by the majority of mankind as a colonial settlers state, same as eg Rhodesia, South Africa, Angola etecetera.  It depends economically and military entirely on the United States (the surrogate mother country), where as far as foreign policy is concerned the Zionists lobby is in the drivers seat. Israel has become an increasingly heavy burden on the US and its citizens who at the end of the day are paying dearly for keeping this rogue state in existence, which same as Hitler's 'thousand years Reich' will not be for ever. One day you will be able to buy a book entitled:"the Rise and Fall of Israeli Zionism".


85.The irony is that 20th century immigrant colonial settlers, mostly from eastern Europe, who had over time had converted to Judaism, are now killing the real original Jews most of whom converted to Islam when overrun by Arab forces some 1300 years ago. Arabs and REAL Palestinian Jews are both Semites, thy belong genetically to the same race, but worshipped different religions. In ancient times they tolerated each other well and used to live in peace and harmony together. Not so the foreign converted Jews, who genetically are related to the people of southern Russia. many of the remaining Palestinian Jews joined the Arab armies during their conquests round the Mediterranean and east of the Byzantine Empire into the Caucuses and became proselytizers for the Jewish religion. The original homeland of most to-days surrogate Israelis is situated in southern Russia, the former Kingdom of Khazaria. Israelis are worshipping the false Messiah, probably difficult to swallow for many of them.


84. I found the remarks of one of your correspondents rather hilarious when he mentioned 'The Wandering Jew', a piece of not so clever deception from Zionist mythology. If it was true and Palestine, according to the same mythology was an 'empty country', than one may wonder why it took some 2000 years before a Theodore Herzl exhorted Jews to return to this 'empty contry'. In 1939 the world Jewish population stood at 16.7 million. During the first half of the 20th century most Jews emigrated to the US, before it stopped any further immigration into the country. In 1920 Jewish population of the US already stood at 3.6 million. The 1947 Straton Bill would have allowed 400,000 holocaust survivors to enter the US, but was defeated by the strong powerful Zionist lobbies, who wanted them as manpower for their colonial settler state. European Jewry has always preferred America as their 'chosen country' and few American (and elsewhere) Jews are willing to swap America for Israel.