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55.Following are excerpts from newspaper reports prior to the take over of Palestine by the Zionists. * 22 July 1946: Zionists guerrillas bomb the British HQ and the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, resulting in 42 dead, 53 injured and 52 missing. * 17 November 1946: Eight British servicemen killed by Jewish terrorists when a mine planted underneath a truck exploded, carrying people from a cinema. * 24 April 1947: British barracks blown up by terrorists belonging to the Stern Gang. * 16 January 1948: Seven children killed when their house was blown up by Jewish terrorists belonging to the Haganah. During the the preceding six month 2000 people were killed: 1069 Arabs, 769 Jews, 123 British and 23 others. * 11 March 1948: Offices of the Jewish Agency in Jerusalem blown up. * 22 March 1948: Zionist terrorists blew up two areas in Arab quarters in Haifa, killing 17 people and injuring 150. Four mortar bombs fell on a British police station. Fierce fighting was reported in Haifa.

And they have the audicity to call Hamas terrorists ! And all this happened BEFORE 15 May 1948 the day that the "State of Israel" was proclaimed.

It is estimated that in 1948 there were 1.35 million Arabs living in Palestine and 650,000 Jews, mainly from immigration between 1930 and 1948. Especially after World War II there was a huge influx of Jewish immigrants from Europe into Palestine. They were survivors of the Nazi concentration camps but most of them from Eastern Europe and Russia. They came by shiploads, however attempts by the British to stop them often failed. Some of the ships were diverted to Cyprus. For population numbers go to Post 26 "The creation of Israel". Post 5 "Who invented the Jewish People".

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54. Post 41 did contain a factual error. I wrote that both Arabs and Jews had rejected Res 181. That is not entirely correct and the error has now been rectified. The following is an excerpt from Googles Wikipedia: *) "A transitional period under United Nations auspices was to begin with the adoption of the resolution, and scheduled to last until the two states were established. *) An implementation committee to that end was be set up.
*) The Resolution called for the withdrawal of British forces and the termination of the (British) Mandate by 1 August 1948, and *) the establishment of the new independent states by 1 October 1948 . The proposed plan was *) accepted by the leaders of the Jewish community in Palestine through the Jewish Agency. The plan was *) rejected by leaders of the Arab community (the Palestine Arab Higher Committee, who were supported in their rejection by the states of the Arab League, resulting in civil war in Palestine. However with no plan for a smooth transition of authority to a new administration, Britain announced its intention to *) unilaterally withdraw from Palestine by 15 May 1948. During their withdrawal, the British *) refused to hand over territory or authority to any successor. On the day before Britain was to complete its withdrawal (i.e. 14 May 1948) the Jewish community in Palestine - breaching their earlier acceptance of the terms laid down in Res 181 (see above) - proclaimed prematurely and unilaterally the Declaration of Independence of The State of Israel, and five Arab armies crossed into the former Mandate as the start of the 1948 Arab-Israel War."

My contention that "The State of Israel" on 15 May 1948 was an illegal state still stands. Because: Resolution 181 did not go to the Security Council for ratification. That alone already made the State of Israel's existence illegal. (*) Israel ignored the "transitional period under UN auspices until the two states were established". The resolution was a proposal (*) and not adopted by the Arab states. (*) Under the terms of Res 181 British forces were to stay in Palestine until 1 August 1948. However Britain withdrew their forces unilaterally and prematurely on the 14 May 1948. (*) The two "independent" states were scheduled for 1 October 1948, but the Jews unilaterally and prematurely proclaimed their State on the 15 May 1948. The British also refused to hand over territory to any successor (*). So what in fact happened is that in the ensuing vacuum, the Zionist Jews saw an opportunity to grab power, resembling an armed coupe, resulting in civil war (*). From an international law perspective it is abundantly clear that at that particular point in time, legally speaking there was no "state" and that surrounding Arab states had every right to come to the aid of their Palestinian brethren, of which many had been already expelled from Palestine in the preceding months by heavily armed Zionists gangs and had joined the invading Arab armies. It should also be noted that the Arab armies invaded only those territories designated by the U.N. Res. 181 partition proposals to the Palestinians. (see also Post 41)

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Look at the graph and be worried. It was drawn by the United States Department of Energy and the US Military Joint Forces Command. The supply of the world's most essential source of energy is almost exhausted. Not in the distant future, but in a couple of years. Production of all liquid fuels, including oil, will drop within 20 years to half of what it is to-day. The Iranians know this too and they are preparing for the future. Nuclear bombs are useless to them; they won't be able to use them against Israel (see Post 46). Production of petroleum has been dropping at a rate slightly over 4% per year at least and will continue to do so for the indefinite future. The graph shows that we are past the peak production and that there are 750 billion barrels of conventional oil left. Assuming that the remaining reserves were 900 billion or more at the half way point, than we are at least 150 billion barrels, or five years past the midpoint. Demand will begin to outstrip supply in 2012, and will already be 10 million barrels per day above supply in only five years. The United States Joint Forces Command concurs with these specific findings at 31 million bpd equivalent to half the US entire consumption. To make up the difference, the world has to find another Saudi Arabia and get it in full production in five years. Needless to say a complete impossibility. The production from existing convential sources will plummet from its present 81 bpd to 30 million bpd by 2030, a 63% drop in 20 years. You will find that petrol prices will gradually go up over the next few years.

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52. Israeli society is no less suffused with evil than were the people of Germany under Hitler. For some sixty years now the Palestinian people have faced in many respects comparable evils as was inflicted by the Nazis on virtually defenseless nations during the thirties and forties . That should not be construed as a racist statement or a primitive demonising of an entire people. It is calling a spade a spade. The U.S. talks about rogue and evil states. Zionists within Israeli society, who seek the destruction of the Palestinian people represent the essence of evil and barbarism, making present day Israel to all intents and purposes a classic example of the rogue state. And now is the time to say so to the world at large loud and clear ! We are not suggesting that Israeli people are intrinsically or genetically more evil than the Germans under Hitler. We are saying that like the Nazis, the Zionist leaders in Israeli society have succeeded in indoctrinating and transforming Israelis into a society which is inspired by evil.
Contributed by I.L.

For "beginners":See Post 26 for a short history of the creation of Israel. Essential reading for understanding to-days conflict.

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"The Final Solution" has come a step further following a new IDF military order that enables Israel to expel Palestinians from the West Bank who cannot show proper identification. It is the next step in the ethnic cleansing and ultimate annexation of the West Bank. Those not in possession of the by the occupation issued ID cards, will be prosecuted, jailed for seven years or deported to already densely overpopulated GAZA, the largest concentration camp in the world. It is all part of a series of steps to empty the West Bank from Palestinians, so as to create a favourable demographic ratio for the supremacist, apartheid Zionist state. All this is in blatant violation of UN resolutions and international laws (Geneva Conventions), which the US allows the Zionists to get away with.


50. Contribution from one of our sympathizers
"My impression about The Press (Christchurch Press) and the Israeli Palestinian conflict is that they (The Press) want the issue to cool off in the opinion page: Both sides of supporters went to the NZ Press Council, both sides find that the other party got more published letters than the other. Some including myself, received abusive letters.
It is a very hot and polarizing subject and right now, as I see it, no one gets letters published from either sides unless in an advert.
As for Rodney, I fail to understand the importance of the difference between Alan McRobie's and his own statement; the nuance he sees escapes me or is too insignificant. I communicated with Rodney on line for quite a few months and got totally tired of this very sort of thing.
His advert, almost seems to be his own rather than a group, it is not that obvious in the paper, I missed it; he has fallen into the pathetic stage, and to repeat an expression he uses quite a bit:..."that's a fact"!
Meanwhile, I have a slim hope that Obama's cold shoulder will have an effect on Netanyahu's government and some positive assertiveness is being worked out behind the scenes. We must keep hoping..."


Editorial comment:
Mr. Rodney Brooks calls himself "Chairman" of an organisation KBRM (Kiwis for Balanced Reporting Middle East; www.kbrm.org.nz). F.F.'s letter is in response to an (rather expensive) advert Mr. Brooks had recently published in The Ch'ch Press, which included his by the paper's editor rejected letter, replying to another letter writer. He filed a complaint to the NZ Press Council, but the complaint was not upheld by the Council.

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Visit also Post 10 "Iraq after Saddam" and previous Post 48 Gen. Petraeus' warning.

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48. There appears to be a growing conviction within the Obama administration and more particularly in the Pentagon, that the failure to make tangible progress in resolving the Palestinian/Israel conflict is jeopardizing US interest - and the lives of U.S. servicemen and women - throughout the region, including Iraq and Afghanistan. In an Congressional testimony, a week after Biden's visit to Israel, the Chief of the U.S. Central Command (Centcom), Gen. David Petraeus, noted that the Israel/ Palestinian conflict foments anti-American sentiments, due to a "perceptions of U.S. favouritism for Israel" (understatement). He added that this conflict has "an enormous effect on the strategic context in which we operate" and that credible U.S. efforts on Arab/Israeli issues that provides regional governments and populations a way to achieve a comprehensive settlement of the disputes, would undercut Iran's policy of militant 'resistance', which the Iranian regime and insurgent groups have been free to exploit.


47.There is a growing awareness amongst Israelis themselves that their Zionist government is following a wrong, if not disastrous course and several opposition groups have lately sprung up even within the military. They call themselves the REFUSNIKS. It is a growing relative new movements of soldiers and officers who refuse to serve in the West Bank. Their ideological opposition stems from their belief that "being ruled by another people, is as far from democracy as you can get". Denying the Palestinians their dignity and humanity is one of the great failings of contemporary Judaism and no historical calamity (the Holocaust) can justify it.
Indiscriminate violence against any people should be condemned, and even more so when it is committed by a people as persecuted throughout their history as the Jews. As long as Israel continues to be an aggressor state, we all have the moral duty to speak out.
How could one support a country with an army that frequently engages in war crimes in the occupied territories, collectively punishing its inhabitants, by destroying and stealing their land and houses under the pretext that this is done for "security reasons". How can one defend the thuggish behaviour of settlers illegally grabbing Palestinian land and terrorizing the local inhabitants. As a result many once thriving communities are now deserted. Many boarded-up shop fronts are sprayed with the David Star, a crude way of settlers to claim the property as their own. Their behaviour is reminiscent to the 1930'ties NAZI Germany, when Jews were evicted from their properties, houses and businesses by Hitler's "brown shirts" thugs during the 'Crystal Night' campaigns in German cities. Some of the graffiti in English included: "Die Arab Sand Niggers; Exterminate the Muslims; We will rape all Arab women; Kill the Arabs; White Power:kill niggers; Gas the Arabs and Arabs to the Gas-chambers". It is hard to believe that anyone, let alone the Jews, would emulate NAZI behaviour. Accepting this makes us guilty by association. No civilised human being should endorse or downplay such despicable behaviour.


46. Applying the same logic as Lorne Kuehn (Press 6/03) with regards the equilibrium nuclear deterrents are supposed to have on keeping the peace, Iran should also have the "bomb" in order to keep the peace in the Middle East and prevent an Israeli attack on the nation. However having said that, have a good look at the map of the region and you will discover that Iran - in the event they would ever acquire the "bomb", which is not sure at all - would never been able to use it against Israel. It would be completely useless to her.

NB. The letter was rejected. Lorne Kuehn is a frequent and so it appears a by the editor favoured contributor to the letter pages of the Ch'ch Press.

Postscript. The most densely populated part of Israel is a narrow strip of less than 20 km in width, the northern part is appr. 50 km wide and only the most southern part, the more sparsely populated Negev desert is appr. 120 km. So it is clear that if Iran wanted to drop a nuclear device on Israel and even if it was capable of delivering it right on target, it would also destroy and/or seriously harm Palestinian populations in the West Bank and Gaza and probably in the entirely region. The Iranian President's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad remarks about "wiping Israel off the map" (or similar distorted quotes) have often been misinterpreted and misquoted in the western news media. What he really meant and has said is (quote): "Just as the Soviet Union was wiped out and to-day does not exist, so will the Zionist regime soon be wiped out". He could have added the South African Apartheid regime.

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45. From time to time ads are being published by an organization calling themselves KBRM (Kiwis for Balanced Reporting). It claims to be balanced and telling the truth about the Israel/Palestinian conflict, but at the same time it vehemently denies, downplays, defies and refuse to accept any criticism of Israel's criminal activities perpetrated against a comparative and virtually defenseless population, as reported and condemned by reputable international organisations such as the United Nations, International Red Cross, Human Rights organisations etc. Their very shallow arguments are lacking essential, in-depth historical information or any referrals to international laws such as the Geneva Conventions or the many U.N. Resolutions Israel has consistently flouted over the last sixty plus years (I always refer to in my blog). These are essential in any discussion when trying to come to a valid judgment on events in the Middle East. KBRM is solely devoted in espousing the Zionist cause, disseminating misinformation, lies and distortions and can therefore not be considered a reliable medium on which to base ones opinion. Zionism is an ideology and doctrine which is an anathema incompatible with democratic principles and should not be confused with anti-Semitism. Zionism is a supremacy ideology based on the ethnic cleansing and the domination of a one religion only, apartheid state. It is Zionism that obstructs peaceful solutions to the Middle East conflict and hence needs to be removed in order to make place for a genuinely democratic UNITARY state, with equal rights for both the original indigenous in 1948 expelled inhabitants living in huge refugee camps all over the M.E. (more than five million see Post 42) and the non-indigenous Jewish immigrants that had entered (illegally) Palestine during the two decades before 1948, regardless of race, gender or creed. Only that will ultimately bring an end to more than sixty years of war, oppression, discrimination and injustice to the Palestinian people and will save and transform Israel into a genuinely plural cultural democratic state.