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205 How the Malaysian Airlines MH17 Boeing Was Shot Down. Examination of the Wreckage | Global Research - Centre for Research on Globalization

How the Malaysian Airlines MH17 Boeing Was Shot Down. Examination of the Wreckage | Global Research - Centre for Research on Globalization

The protracted investigations into the crash of the in July 2014 downed passenger plane MH 17 over eastern Ukraine appear to have political overtones, as attempts by some nations requesting the United Nations to set up a tribunal seem to indicate. Never before have such tribunals been asked for when planes were shot down: not in the case of the Iranian passenger plane shot down by the US over the Persian Gulf in 1988, nor of Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerby the same year or the Russian plane downed by Ukraine in 1991. It's difficult to explain why - after more than a year of investigations - the introduction of such a tribunal all of a sudden becomes necessary and before the official investigations by the DSB (Dutch Safety Board) are finalised. It's quite clear that this is a ploy that carries all the hallmarks of a massive propaganda stunt in order to vilify and point the finger at Russia for vetoing the proposal, which Russia already had indicated would veto, realizing it was for propaganda purposes and the intention to blame Russia.
However it is precisely that by condescending to such unusual antics the reverse in fact could have been the case here, the reason being that the investigators are in a quandary proving that the plane was downed by a Buk missile.
So far hardly anything has been mentioned by the investigating authorities about the possible downing of the plane by other means, such as air-to-air wing rockets and canon fire from the SU25 Ukrainian fighter planes as shown in the evidence presented in the article above, corroborated by Russian radar released immediately after the plane was shot down, as well as by local people living in the area when interviewed as was shown on the BBC for a short while but suddenly been taken off the air.  (scroll down to relevant post below).  Never has the launching of a Buk missile been observed by any of the locals in the area.
An important point not to be overlooked is a possible motivation for perpetrating such an appalling crime. Could this have been a 'false flag' operation to create a pretext for sanctions, whip up military spending by NATO nations (to 2%) and deployment of US forces in eastern Europe ?


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203 The Toronto Hearings - 2011

This letter is to one of the regular commentators in the Christchurch Weekend Press.

Dear Sir,
I regularly read your weekly articles in the Weekend Press and I can also fully agree with last week's article (13/9/'15) on the refugee crisis urging to increase the quota of refugees to our country. Somewhere in your article you mentioned that the 'root causes' should be addressed that have given rise to the present influx of refugees into Europe from the Middle East. Those 'root causes' must surely be the result of the 'War on Terror', which started less than one month after 9/11 with the invasion of Afghanistan (7 October 2001; NB a military operation of such a magnitude must have been planned long before 9/11), followed by the invasions of Iraq, Libya and now Syria giving eventually rise to ISIS and some other terrorist groups under different names and subsequently the European refugee crisis.
So if we want to examine the root causes of  the current refugee problems in the world we have to question the official version of the 9/11 'investigation. Over the past years since that fateful day many articles have been published bringing to light a massive amount  of overwhelming and convincing evidence from literally thousands of experts in their fields: engineers, architects, demolition experts, university professors, historians, witnesses and testimonies from firefighters, policemen and ordinary citizens who happened to be there that day.  They all come to the same conclusion that the official version of 9/11 is a fraud of grandiose proportions, a 'false flag' operation or 'inside job' as it is often referred to.
I have followed intensively most of the evidence presented by these highly qualified scientists, and at the same time I am very much aware that anyone questioning the official version of the 9/11 report
is dubbed with a derisive snub 'Conspiracy Theorist'.  To simply shrug off all this evidence with such a cheap remark is not very intelligent and is downright dishonest.
W e all have a grave responsibility and news paper people in particular, to make the public aware of at least 'the other side of the story'. However it is clear that the other side of the story remains carefully hidden from the general public and the question is WHY?  For instance how many people  know that a third building, building 7 of The Solomon Brothers, which was not hit by a plane, collapsed in a perfect demolition fashion on its own footprint, same as the two of the WTC which were struck by planes. There are amongst these experts mentioned before, people who had lost their jobs for speaking out. Sadly 9/11 is not allowed to be discussed or debated within the mainstream corporate media.  But let me quickly emphasize that individual newspaper editors are not to blame for withholding this information, as I am well aware that if they do this will seriously jeopardize their careers. That's the reason why last week not a single word was mentioned about 9/11 not in the Perspective letters columns nor from the Press' regular columnists. I had contemplated submitting a letter to the Perspective page, but at the same time realized the futility to do so, which would have been a waste of time. The letter would most certainly have been rejected.
Mr VB you are an intelligent man endowed with good analytical faculties and literary skills, as you have demonstrated before. I am sure you must have followed the discussions and debates on 9/11 in some detail (I hope) and I am quite confident that you would never have dismissed it this with such a cheap remark as 'Conspiracy Theorists'
So in briefly summarizing the 'root causes' of the refugee crisis, we have to delve much deeper and understand who brought down the WTC towers (and tower 7) on 9/11, a 'False Flag' operation which ultimately heralded "The War on Terror", the rise of ISIS and consequently the current refugee crisis in Europe.

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