Friday, March 26, 2010


"Photo of Jewish West Bank settlement. One poll holds that many Israelis would refuse a state order to evacuate their settlements and fight back if forced to do so".

44. Endless peace talks about the creation of a Palestinian state have been going on for decades. However it becomes increasingly clear that this may just be a mere ploy used by U.S. and Israel meant to torpedo any such prospect. The chances of this happening are getting slimmer by the day. The Zionists have never had the slightest intention to allow Palestinians to have their own state. Ben Gurian already wrote in his memoirs "The Revolt" (1948) that all of Palestine should become part of the Zionist State of "Greater Israel". The continued building of new settlements, the so called "security wall", house demolitions and withholding and refusing to issue building and residence permits to Palestinians, all illegal under international law, are nothing more than land grabs and a protracted ethnic cleansing. All this as well as numerous road check points making life as difficult as possible for the indigenous population signify a slow gradual strangulation and future annexation of the West Bank. How ridiculous the very thought of a "two state" concept is, one should wonder what is going to happen to the Jewish settlers in such a Palestine state. Are they going to adopt the Palestinian nationality ? Are they going to abandon and pull down or hand over their settlements and return to Israel ? Of course not. The Palestinian population will eventually end up in reservations (separated from each other by the "security wall"), same as once the blacks in South Africa, providing cheap labour and the American Indians. If Palestinians were to be given full democratic voting rights and equal opportunities regardless of gender,race or creed, than Israel would cease to be a one religion state and become a truly democratic state. Zionism and democracy are per definition totally incompatible with each other.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


43. Those readers of this blog who sympathize with the sorry plight of the Palsestinian people can write to:
"CONTRAVIEWS" 9 Manor Drive, ROLLESTON 7614.
If an e-mail address is included the letter will be acknowledged. Looking forward to your participation.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


42. The following contribution is from a letter writer whose letter was rejected by the Press
"Prime Minister Netanyahu said at the AIPAC conference that East Jerusalem is not a settlement but part of the Jewish capital (or words to that effect). But it is taking away land from Palestinians that was always theirs for generations and does not reflect justice or legitimacy. Following Netanyahu's logic, Mexicans could reclaim California, Colorado etc. and Amerindians all of America. And they did not loose 2000 years ago, just 300 - 400. It seems obvious that compromise would go a long way towards peace and give the U.S. a better chance at calming the Arab world. If only AIPAC could loosen its grip on all these American politician, the US could reduce funding to Israel ($3 billions/year) and bring it back to reason instead of looking powerless. A concession, leaving East Jerusalem to Arabs, would be the start of a turning point towards peace in the Middle East"
Contributed by FF 24/03/10

Tuesday, March 23, 2010



Summary of Palestinian refugee population in 2000. Click on image to obtain better view.


41. United Nation Resolution 181 signed 29 November 1947 divided Palestine in three parts: a Jewish part, a Palestinian part with Jerusalem declared an international zone Corpus Separatum, to be administered by the United Nations. After ten years a referendum was to be held to seek the views of the city's residents. To-day that referendum is dead history. It has been replaced by continued expulsions of the indigenous Palestinian people of Jerusalem. The Palestinian and Arab countries had all rejected the U.N. plan outright. The Zionists however, accepted the plan as a means, stepping stone to further their planned conquest of the entire territory of Palestine. Ben Gurion (as quoted by the pro-Israel historian Benny Morris) stated: As to declaring statehood, Ben Gurion was adamant about not defining the new state's borders, arguing that "if our strength proves sufficient, the Yishuv will conquer Western Gallilee and the length of the Tel Aviv - Jerusalem road - and it was implied, coopt West Jerusalem - and all will be part of the state.....So why commit ourselves to a smaller state? "
Zionist underground terrorist groups, such as the Haganah, Stern and Irgun gangs began to attack Palestinian villages and towns after the 1947 UN Partition declaration in order to secure more land than allocated to them by the United Nations. Zionists exerted all terrorists efforts to achieve maximum land gains (which is still going on to this very day) while the British prepared to end their Mandate in Palestine. In March 1948 the Zionists had achieved military superiority and set in motion all political lobbying machinery to declare their Zionist State. Realising the extremely volatile situation that had emerged as a result of the partition plan, the U.S. admitted that partitioning could not be carried out in a peaceful manner and proposed a temporary UN Trusteeship. This plan and calls for a ceasefire also fell on dead Zionist and Palestinian ears.

Link to Post 26 "Creation of Israel"

Sunday, March 21, 2010


40. I like to remind Ken Orr, Spokesman Right to Life NZ (Press 22/03) that the demonstration at the Waihopai base was "pro life". When George W. Bush and cronies in March 2003 for the "greater good" illegally invaded Iraq and killed, maimed and displaced over a million innocent people, causing trillions of dollars of damage to that country, they went scot-free, even though after his illusory "greater good" proved to be a deception as we all know to-day. However when on the other hand peace activists fro the "greater good of humanity" cause damage to a technology that's being designed and used to destroy life and property, then all of a sudden the verdict according to Ken Orr, becomes "questionable". Would Ken Orr be against activists who destroy instruments used in abortions ? To allow such bases in New Zealand makes us guilty by association.

P.S. The Waihopai base is an U.S. spy base, used for military purposes for its wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere in the world.
Letter as could be expected rejected again by he editor.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


39. Scotland's Sunday Herald reported that the U.S. government had contracted a Florida shipping co. to move massive amounts of weaponry, including hundreds of bunker buster bombs, to its military base in Diego Garcia, a small island in the Indian Ocean. The island's proximity to Iran suggests it may be used as a staging ground for U.S. air strikes against Iran. This move has not gone unnoticed by Iran's state media as a threat to attack Iran's civilian nuclear program. The Sunday Herald also cited numerous experts as saying that the lack of publicity for the move, just one of several examples of the Obama Administration adding major amounts of weaponry to the area around Iran, suggests they believe confrontation is more likely. The Pentagon has thus far refused to comment.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


38. The recent Iraqi elections are not much more than mere window dressing to tidy up the image of corrupt authoritarian leaders eager for greater legitimacy. These elections can by no means be seen as a step towards democracy. That perception, combined with concurrent violence,American occupation and Iranian influence cannot by any stretch of the imagination be considered as a success and a country on the road to stability. Iraq is still a big, big mess and will remain divided for years to come. After seven yeas of occupation, millions killed, maimed, displaced and Abu Ghraib still fresh in mind, public opinion in Iraq and the Arab world at large will remain very much, if not even more anti American. They still see Iraq being manipulated by outside western forces. Free elections are the very last step in a democracy, because before that you have to have a democratic society that has accepted the values of democracy. What we see in Iraq to-day are religious and sectarian conflicts which renders these elections without democratic value.
Letter rejected.
Link to Post 10.


37. The following post is from a letter published in The Christchurch Press (13/03/'10).
"Lorne Kuehn (Mar8) may be right when he suggests that Sarah Palin, a conservative and an intellectual inferior to Barrack Obama, may garnish enough support amongst her conservative followers to be the next president of the United States.
I say this after reading evolutionary psychologist Satoshi Kananzawa's published study, which showed that conservatives have an average IQ of 97 and Liberals 105.
That suggests that on a numbers game, which half the people in America being below-average intelligence (by definition) and Liberals being 5 IQ points ahead of that bunch, Conservatives would have more than enough dull adherents to defeat the smaller number of intelligent astute Liberal thinkers."
John W. (Christchurch)

Thursday, March 11, 2010


36. Arab minority leaders in the Zionist parliament are facing an unprecedented campaign of persecution by the Netanyahu government, designed to stop their political activities. Druze members in the Israeli parliament were stripped of immunity clearing the way for them to be tried for a visit to Syria.
Recent sanctions against Arab leaders were invoked following clashes with Israeli security forces at demonstrations against occupation and pressure is growing for two more MP's to be investigated.
Arab politicians are particularly concerned about a bill introduced last month requiring all parliamentary candidates to swear loyalty to Israel as a Jewish state. If passed the seats of 10 Arab MP's belonging to non-Zionist parties in the 120 member parliament, or Knesset, would be under threat.
One of those MP's commented: "Every week either Knesset or the Government try to impose new restrictions on our activities and freedom of speech. There is a growing trend to anti-democratic legislation".
Link to Post 31

Saturday, March 6, 2010


35. This week's riots at the al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem and other holy sites in the occupied West Bank were caused by Netanyahu to include them in a list of Jewish "Heritage Sites" to be renovated by the Israeli government. Since both are holy to Muslims, Jews and Christians alike, this unilateral act of expropriation is nothing but a ploy and a blatant provocation, that won't help to further any peace efforts. If there were really a desire for the improvement of these sites, it should be done by a joint committee of representatives of people from both sides and the three religions.
However, it is indeed encouraging to see thousands of Jews, Arabs and Christians demonstrating (see picture) together against the planned illegal expropriations of Arab properties as planned by the Zionist Israel government. There are signs that increasing numbers of Jewish people are beginning to realize that for Israel to survive the only solution to the Palestinian/Israeli conflict is peaceful coexistence with the Arab people and ultimately a unitary state with equal rights for Arabs and Jews. The solution to peace in the ME lies not the destruction of Israel; the solution lies in the destruction Zionism.
Links to: post 33

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


34. Rodney Brookes (Press 02/03) is apparently unaware or conveniently forgets the fact that the Israeli Government actively fostered the Islamisation of the Palestinian opposition by supporting Hamas in the late seventies as part of a plan to undermine the secular PLO of Yasser Arafat. This Israeli support for the Islamists is of course a very similar ploy as the U.S. support for Osama Bin Laden and the Taliban when it suited their strategies against secular Afghan and Russian communists during the eighties. Sometimes "terrorists' are our friends, sometimes our enemies.
Letter rejected.


33. Paul Grainger (Press 03/10) wrongly blames the Palestinians for not being prepared to make peace with Israel. However, Ben Gurion, the founder of Zionist Israel stated in his memoirs "The Revolt", that partition of the homeland (Israel) is illegal. It will never be recognized (by the Zionists) and signatures by institutions and individulas of the partition agreement - so he declared - are invalid and will not bind the Jewish people. Jerusalem was and will be for ever our capital. Eretz (Greater) Israel will be restored, all of it and for ever.
Everything that has happened in Palestine since 1948 can be explained in the context of this statement.

The Editor still keeps rejecting my letters. For those not familiar with my past record, I like to explain that from 2003 to 2009 I have been a regular contributor to the Presss letter pages, with on an average about one letter a month. After my complaint to the NZ Press Council in May 2009 on grounds of the editor removing all references to my sources of information (censorship) and in particular on the Middle East conflict. I was ever since excluded as a contributor to the letter pages. I strongly suspect the Press of Zionist sympathies.