Sunday, December 13, 2009

collective punishment

9. Israel to-day has one of the most despicable regimes in the world, masquarading behind a facade of being democratic. Israel is a purely Jewish state and only Jews (with a few exceptions) can apply for citizenship. The ultra conservative Likud party is even considering compulsary circumcision rituals for Ethiopian Jews applying for citizenship. How democratic is that ?

The Israel occupation of the West Bank is one of the most brutal and cruel occupations of our times. Armed Jewish settlers, illegally colonizing the occupied territories have been terrorizing the local Palestinina population for decades, supported by the IDF, meeting out collective punishments by blowing up Palestinian houses and bulldozing them down into to the ground; uprooting Palestinian olive groves and thus depriving the local Arab population from their livelyhood; long queues at roadblocks even preventing people urgent medical care including pregnant women; constant harrassments by armed settler thugs; indiscriminate shooting and killings of innocent people even children and closing schools. These brutalities have been going on for the last sixty years. Anyone wanting more information on this I strongly recommend reading Philip C. Winslow "Victory to us is to see you suffer" . Winslow of UNWRA worked for three years in the West Bank and Gazastrip.