Sunday, January 10, 2010


11. "Sport and politics should not mix" so the much echoed saying goes has become a much used slogan so as to deviate from the real issues that are at stake. I do not agree, it is a false argument. Sport events are used to promote a particular country as well. Sportsmen are "ambassadors" for their respective countries. We see this every time we participate in an international sports event. We play the national anthems and perform the HAKA. Already in 1936 at the Berlin Olympics, Hitler realised the importance of sport for promoting Germany, same as the Soviets and East European satellite countries at the time (which even some western governments wanted to have boycotted). Hence targeting sports events, by boycotting players who represent nations, such as Israel, committing gross violations of human rights and international law is an effective tool to make people aware of the horrific crimes this country has perpetrated against the Palestinian people, especially against the innocent, women and children in the occupied territories over the last sixty years or so and GAZA in particular.

Demonstration are OK as long as they are held in a dignified manner ! Although I agree with most of what John Minto has to say in his weekly comments I do not approve the way he and some of the other demonstrators were behaving at the recently held Auckland tennis tournaments, which would do more harm to the Palestinian cause than good.