Friday, January 29, 2010


20. While overindulging this holiday season, why not spare a thought for the children of Gaza. Gaza is still under siege, still being left to starve or die from untreated water. The Israeli activist Uri Avnery describes the situation as, "Genocide n slow motion"

In Pakistan, America is ntensifying its drone attacks. These examples of blatant abuse of power, and many others, which theworld has witnessed in 2009, have madeit clear that the US and Israel see themselves as 'exeptions', exempt from international law includin the Geneva Conventions.
Signs of hope come from peace activists, such as the Israeli teenagers who refuse military service, the Americans who protest at the Navada Air Force Base that launches drone strikes, and the decent people of several countries who together try food and medical aid, by ship or by land convoys, into the Gaza Strip.

The future is very bleak though, unless we become a world where humanitarian laws, including the Geneva Conventions, aply to everyone with no exeptions.
Contributed by L.G. (letter was rejected by the editor)