Friday, January 22, 2010


17. Here follow some letters submitted this month to the Christchurch Press.

20 January. I am responding to Brian Metcalf and Alan McRobie's letters (20/0/10). McRobie hits the nail fair and square on its head. The Zionist lobbies in America (AIPEC) and Australia (AIJAC) are financially extremely powerful lobbies, exerting great pressure on members of the US Congress and western news media. The KBRM in New Zealand is probably an off-shoot of these two organisations and (partly ?) funded by the Israeli embassy. The eminent and renowned historian George Antonius warned us already many years ago that Zionist propaganda is active, well organised and widespread. On the other hand Arab propaganda is ineffective; lacking the skills and financial resources so that the world has been looking at the Middle East conflict mainly through Zionist spectacles

22 January. Earlier this week on the Haiti disaster TV ONE showed an IDF man (Israel Defence Force) rescuing a child from the rubble. Ironically these same people are responsible for the killing and maiming of hundreds of children in GAZA last year and thousands of children over the last 60 years or so if you include the occupied territories and Lebanon, where cluster bombs and phosphorous bombs and other high-tech Made in USA ordnance, were used against a civilian population. Was this deliberately done, one may wonder, because of the recent Goldstone report on Israeli war crimes ? Point is how insidiously propaganda from financially powerful Zionist lobbies (AIPEC in America and AIJAC in Australia) creep into our news and the strong grip they exert on our news media, making people see the world events and the Middle East in particular, mainly through Zionist spectacles.

The Geert Wilders race hate trial in The Netherlands

Being a Kiwi of Dutch descent I have of course been following with great interest the current race hate trials of Geert Wilders in The Netherlands. (Press 22/01/110). Wilders is a dangerous manas he plays on primitive emotions and thus inciting some hotheads to resort to violence in an already dangerous world. During the last hundred years we have seen much of the same in several countries: the persecution of the Jews, Apartheid in South Africa and to-day Zionist Israel based on white or religious supremacy; the latter two masquerading as pseudo democracies. History has shown us that sooner or later such regimes always come to an untimely end as they carry the "genes" of their onw demise. The strength of real genuine democratic societies rests on the integration, assimilation and religious tolerance of peoples from different ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds and believe, as indeed is the case in immigrant countries such as the United States, Australia and as we enjoy it here in New Zealand to-day.