Sunday, February 28, 2010


32. The Gaza strip remains a disaster area. In fact in term of sheer destruction of homes and infrastructure, the coastal enclave can be compared to quake stricken Haiti, with the main difference that the Caribbean island's calamity was a natural disaster, while the GAZA disaster was inflicted by the criminal Israeli regime. To-day Israel continues to prevent large number of consumer goods from entering GAZA. This policy, often justified by security considerations, has actually nothing to do with security. It is a deliberate measure aimed at further tormenting the inhabitants of GAZA by showing them that Israel has the final say and that they would have to submit themselves to the ZIONIST will. This is how the Nazis behaved towards the inhabitants of the Warsaw Ghetto, forcing them to smuggle food and other consumer products into the Ghetto. What is more scandalous is that the Zionist regime is adamantly preventing the entry into GAZA of building materials needed for the construction of the estimated 40,000 homes destroyed, either completely or partly during last years Nazi-like onslaught against the impoverished territory. There is no doubt that the continued blockade of GAZA has exposed the brutal ugliness of Israel's face, demonstrating that Israel and Nazi Germany are very much two sides of the same coin.
The Zionist argument is that Palestinians have brought these destructions onto themselves by refusing to halt the firing of "rockets" into "Israel territory". I would like the reader first to go to Post 13 "True Words" by Moshe Dayan, the by the Israeli's much celebrated war hero. Let's not forget that the Israelis at the receiving end of these rocket attacks were foreign immigrants, who conquered the land by brute force and are now occupying Palestinian land, houses and businesses that once belonged to the indigenous Palestinian population, driven away and now living in this tiny enclave called GAZA, the largest concentration camp in the world, a situation in many ways comparable to the Jews imprisoned by the Nazis in the Warsaw Ghetto during WW 2. So it is of paramount importance to understand the historical background of the Zionist/Palestinian conflict, before making proper judgements on the rights and wrongs of Palestinian resistance. Would it be fair if faced with a similar situation as the oppressed Palestinians find themselves in to-day, where your land, your house and business and all your possessions were taken from you, to demand the recognition of the "rights and existence" of the usurpers ?
Should the people of occupied Europe during WW 2 have recognised the rights of the Nazi's to occupy their countries ? Let's suppose for one moment a hypothetically similar situation here in New Zealand when say for instance the Chinese were to immigrate in large numbers to this country and gradually take over New Zealand, driving us New Zealanders into a small enclave, may be somewhere on the West Coast of the South Island. Would New Zealanders accept such a situation without putting up a fight ? Would you ?

Footnote: The original population of GAZA was:253,137 ; Refugees forcibly expelled from their homeland by the Zonists: 813,570 Total GAZA population to-day 1,066,707

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