Thursday, February 18, 2010


29. According to a recent report from the International Red Cross (ICRC) the Israeli security measures in the West Bank are severely impacting Palestinian life. Conditions for the Palestinian territory are difficult and "living a normal life is close to impossible for many people in the West Bank" The ICRC has repeatedly called for action to be taken to allow Palestinians to live their lives in dignity. Checkpoints and roadblocks, some connected to Israeli settlements in the West Bank, were primary causes of the disruption of normal life. The organization, considered the "legal" guardian" of the international humanitarian law, said in its view the Israeli settlements are "illegal". The barrier Israel is completing in the West Bank was also "contrary to international law". Israel must find the right balance between meeting its legitimate security needs and safeguarding the basic rights of the Palestinian population. Palestinians were facing attacks from Israeli settlers and were losing land to settlements, the ICRC charged, saying this too violated the Fourth Geneva Convention.
*) Read also Philip C Winslow "Victory to us is to see you suffer". Winslow a UNRWA worker (United Nations Relief and Work Agency) worked for three years in the West Bank and Gaza.
*) UN Res. 242 (1967) demands Israel's withdrawal from all occupied territories.
Geneva Convention Art 49 "refugees fleeing from war have the right to return to their country of origin"
*) UN Resolution 194 is much similar and based on Geneva Convention 49.

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