Tuesday, February 9, 2010


27. For clarity sake I like to point out what the purpose is of this blog and what its objectives are:
1) To publish letters as much as possible rejected by the editors of our news media on the Middle East conflict.
2)To refer readers to sources of background information which for a variety of reasons are never published and one never reads about in our Zionist dominated corporate mainstream news media.

It is not a "debating" forum, because debating and discussions on this sensitive subject become too emotional and invariably lead to much nastiness, invectives, abuse and personal insults. There is no point in that. They often become "tit for tat" debates, trying to score points and a game of words. One only has to visit the KBRM website to find out how true this is.

That's not our style at all. We want to keep the blog civilized and dignified, convinced that people cannot be converted to a particular point of view by merely debating issues and insulting, abusing and ridiculing each other in the process. Personal opinions are often deeply entrenched in emotional prejudices from which the individual finds it difficult to escape or break away from.

People in our view, have to find out and educate themselves; everyone has to make up his or her own mind and that is the purpose of this blog. We endeavour to alert and refer genuinely interested and open-minded readers as much as possible to historical facts and sources of information derived from books, websites, blogs U.N. resolutions, Geneva Conventions, Human Rights groups, Red Cross, international law etc etc. There is a host of untapped suppressed, under-reported information available one never hears or read about via our corporate main stream news media. (Read quote by George Antonius at bottom of Post 1)

Recommended reading: Martin Gilbert (Historian) "Israel a History"
Benny Morris (Historian) several books
Ilan Pappe (Historian) "The Ethnic Cleansing of
David Schulman "Dark Hope"
Robert Fisk "The War of Civilisation"
Philip C. Winslow (UNRWA) "Victory to us is to see you
Useful websites:
http:// electronic Intifada.net
" " www.informationclearinghouse.info
" " www.countercurrents
" " antiwar.com
" " english.aljazeera.net
" " criminalstate.com