Saturday, March 6, 2010


35. This week's riots at the al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem and other holy sites in the occupied West Bank were caused by Netanyahu to include them in a list of Jewish "Heritage Sites" to be renovated by the Israeli government. Since both are holy to Muslims, Jews and Christians alike, this unilateral act of expropriation is nothing but a ploy and a blatant provocation, that won't help to further any peace efforts. If there were really a desire for the improvement of these sites, it should be done by a joint committee of representatives of people from both sides and the three religions.
However, it is indeed encouraging to see thousands of Jews, Arabs and Christians demonstrating (see picture) together against the planned illegal expropriations of Arab properties as planned by the Zionist Israel government. There are signs that increasing numbers of Jewish people are beginning to realize that for Israel to survive the only solution to the Palestinian/Israeli conflict is peaceful coexistence with the Arab people and ultimately a unitary state with equal rights for Arabs and Jews. The solution to peace in the ME lies not the destruction of Israel; the solution lies in the destruction Zionism.
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