Sunday, March 14, 2010


38. The recent Iraqi elections are not much more than mere window dressing to tidy up the image of corrupt authoritarian leaders eager for greater legitimacy. These elections can by no means be seen as a step towards democracy. That perception, combined with concurrent violence,American occupation and Iranian influence cannot by any stretch of the imagination be considered as a success and a country on the road to stability. Iraq is still a big, big mess and will remain divided for years to come. After seven yeas of occupation, millions killed, maimed, displaced and Abu Ghraib still fresh in mind, public opinion in Iraq and the Arab world at large will remain very much, if not even more anti American. They still see Iraq being manipulated by outside western forces. Free elections are the very last step in a democracy, because before that you have to have a democratic society that has accepted the values of democracy. What we see in Iraq to-day are religious and sectarian conflicts which renders these elections without democratic value.
Letter rejected.
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