Tuesday, April 27, 2010


55.Following are excerpts from newspaper reports prior to the take over of Palestine by the Zionists. * 22 July 1946: Zionists guerrillas bomb the British HQ and the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, resulting in 42 dead, 53 injured and 52 missing. * 17 November 1946: Eight British servicemen killed by Jewish terrorists when a mine planted underneath a truck exploded, carrying people from a cinema. * 24 April 1947: British barracks blown up by terrorists belonging to the Stern Gang. * 16 January 1948: Seven children killed when their house was blown up by Jewish terrorists belonging to the Haganah. During the the preceding six month 2000 people were killed: 1069 Arabs, 769 Jews, 123 British and 23 others. * 11 March 1948: Offices of the Jewish Agency in Jerusalem blown up. * 22 March 1948: Zionist terrorists blew up two areas in Arab quarters in Haifa, killing 17 people and injuring 150. Four mortar bombs fell on a British police station. Fierce fighting was reported in Haifa.

And they have the audicity to call Hamas terrorists ! And all this happened BEFORE 15 May 1948 the day that the "State of Israel" was proclaimed.

It is estimated that in 1948 there were 1.35 million Arabs living in Palestine and 650,000 Jews, mainly from immigration between 1930 and 1948. Especially after World War II there was a huge influx of Jewish immigrants from Europe into Palestine. They were survivors of the Nazi concentration camps but most of them from Eastern Europe and Russia. They came by shiploads, however attempts by the British to stop them often failed. Some of the ships were diverted to Cyprus. For population numbers go to Post 26 "The creation of Israel". Post 5 "Who invented the Jewish People".