Tuesday, April 13, 2010


50. Contribution from one of our sympathizers
"My impression about The Press (Christchurch Press) and the Israeli Palestinian conflict is that they (The Press) want the issue to cool off in the opinion page: Both sides of supporters went to the NZ Press Council, both sides find that the other party got more published letters than the other. Some including myself, received abusive letters.
It is a very hot and polarizing subject and right now, as I see it, no one gets letters published from either sides unless in an advert.
As for Rodney, I fail to understand the importance of the difference between Alan McRobie's and his own statement; the nuance he sees escapes me or is too insignificant. I communicated with Rodney on line for quite a few months and got totally tired of this very sort of thing.
His advert, almost seems to be his own rather than a group, it is not that obvious in the paper, I missed it; he has fallen into the pathetic stage, and to repeat an expression he uses quite a bit:..."that's a fact"!
Meanwhile, I have a slim hope that Obama's cold shoulder will have an effect on Netanyahu's government and some positive assertiveness is being worked out behind the scenes. We must keep hoping..."


Editorial comment:
Mr. Rodney Brooks calls himself "Chairman" of an organisation KBRM (Kiwis for Balanced Reporting Middle East; www.kbrm.org.nz). F.F.'s letter is in response to an (rather expensive) advert Mr. Brooks had recently published in The Ch'ch Press, which included his by the paper's editor rejected letter, replying to another letter writer. He filed a complaint to the NZ Press Council, but the complaint was not upheld by the Council.