Friday, May 28, 2010

64. Rodney Brooks (The Press 29/05) is chairman of the (New Zealand) KBRM and an apologist of Israel's terrorist policies perpetrated against a virtualy defenceless Palestinian civilian population. That alone already disqualifies him for having a valid and objective opinions. He is indeed the very last person that should be taken seriously and listened to. It's curious that there is no other country in the world, which so much feels the need to justify its existence and policies so aggressively expounded by a worldwide string of powerful propaganda organisations, targeting governments and western news media. In America this is the hugely influential lobby AIPEC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) , financially supported by wealthy American Zionist Jews for the last sixty odd years which has been proven to be extremely effective in targeting and bribing members of Congress and to a larger extent determining America's foreign policy towards the Middle East and Israel in particular, a country unable to survive without the continued economic and military support (three billion annually) from the US. It's counterpart is the Australian AIJAC, also a financially powerful strong lobby with the same aims as AIPEC. However, although strong and powerful they (the Zionists) are afraid of objective legitimate criticism, even from Jewish people themselves and that is exactly the very reason for the existence of these lobbies.