Monday, July 5, 2010


71. Is war with Iran imminent ? We have recently seen a number of serious developments in the Middle East involving U.S., Israel and the Islamic Republic of Iran. While almost completely ignored by the mainstream western news media, there is considerable alarm around the world and in particular in the Middle East. Some of these developments are unprecedented and could denote as sharp escalation in U.S./Nato and Israeli campaign against Iran, or even all out war. What are these disturbing developments ? On June 18 a U.S. naval carrier group, reportedly accompanied by an Israeli vessel passed through the Red Sea and towards the Persian Gulf. The Harry S. Truman Carrier Strike Force, included an aircraft carrier, guided missile cruiser, destroyers and an German frigate. Israeli air force recently unloaded military equipment at a Saudi Arabia airbase near the city of Tabuk. Even more ominously, the Saudis are reported to have realigned their missile defense system to allow fro an air corridor for Israeli warplanes in the event of a war with Iran. U.S. forces stationed in Azerbaijan have massed along the Iran/Azerbaijan border. There are speculations that if the U.S. and Nato attempts to inspect Iranian ships in order to enforce the new sanctions, the resulting confrontation may lead to war. Fidel Castro has issued a warning of the horrendous catastrophe which could ensue following a U.S./Israeli war against Iran.
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