Sunday, August 1, 2010


73. A genuine independent, sovereign Palestinian state will and cannot possibly ever happen. Neither the Israelis nor Palestinians will ever agree to such a solution. Just realise for a moment what this will mean. Sovereign states have their own standing armies, police, press, TV stations etc.. Sovereign states can make alliances with the countries of their own choosing. The envisaged Palestinian state will be a divided country; the Gaza strip on the Mediterranean Sea and the landlocked West Bank. It is not difficult to grasp that Palestinians, whether in Gaza or the West Bank, will ever agree to such torn-up state, which will be subjected to Israeli intimidation and manipulations at will. At best it will exist under suzerainty of the Zionist state. Israelis on the other hand will never accept a genuine independent sovereign neighboring state, which is very likely to align itself eventually with countries such as Iran Lebanon (Hezbollah) and Syria. Then there is also the question of the illegal settlements, the so called security wall encircling and separating entire villages in the West Bank. It has the distinct appearance of a long term deliberately designed policy in order to thwart any attempt to create an independent Palestinian state. Of course successive U.S. administrations are well aware of this. The settlers will never give up the illegally acquired stolen Palestinian land. The Zionist aim still is and has always been a Greater Israel (Eretz Israel) and their present policies are very clearly pointing that way. Israel wants to preserve its exclusive, but undemocratic (perceived) Jewish identity, but has always, since its very inception, been faced with the demographic dilemma how to get rid - short of direct genocide - of the original native Palestinian population it expelled from the then British mandate after 1948. Besieged Gaza and also the West Bank to some extent is subjected to a protracted slow strangulation, by depriving the population from essential foodstuffs, shelter and basic medical care and thus slowly undermining peoples health. An outbreak of an epidemic would wipe out part of this undernourished population in no time. And all this takes place under the phony pretext of "rockets fired into Israel by Hamas". This sinister Zionist policy is a deliberately designed long term strategy plan, which takes time to carry out. The now already decades old so called 'road maps' and 'peace talks' or what ever one may call it, are part of that long term U.S./Israeli design. Whether it will succeed or not is any body's guess.