Saturday, August 7, 2010


75. Bob Riggs in 'New Hiroshima's remain probable' (Perspective 06/08/'10) touches on a very true point when he maintains that without the stimulus of foreign wars and interventions, the U.S.economy might fall apart. Waging wars have become a vital and essential part of the U.S. economy, what President Eisenhouwer once warned for and called the Military Industrial Complex These wars waged mainly against poor and defenseless Muslim countries, killing many thousands of civilians are only creating more 'terrorists' and making the world an ever increasingly more dangerous place. By sending our young men to these American war zones, NZ soldiers are only serving U.S. interests. John Key has blood on its hands by sacrificing NZ soldiers in these pointless, endless wars. It's time New Zealand woke up and realized what they are fighting for.
Letter rejected by the Editor, but remember I was banned from the letter pages.