Wednesday, August 18, 2010


78. Anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism are two different concepts. Zionism is an ideology based on the ethnic cleansing and the domination of an undemocratic one religion only, apartheid's state.It is Zionism that obstructs the peaceful solution to the Middle East conflict and therefore needs to be removed from the pages of history to make place for a genuinely democratic unitary sate, with equal rights for both the original, indigenous in 1948 expelled inhabitants living in huge refugee camps all over the M.E. and the non-indigenous Jewish immigrants from abroad, regardless of race, gender and creed. Only that will bring an end to more than sixty years of war, oppression, discrimination and injustice to the Palestinian people and will transform Israel into a genuine democratic state. Even many Jewish people living to-day in liberal western democratic societies have voiced their disgust about the discrimination and exclusions experienced by Palestino-Israelis at the hands of the Zionist regime over the last sixty years or so. Because of these profoundly undemocratic laws and policies Israel could never have become part of the European Union or one of America's fifty states.
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