Saturday, February 12, 2011


95. Zionism  wants Israel to be a Jewish state; a state for the Jewish people only. However at the same time it claims to be a 'democracy'. An exclusively Jewish state and at the same time claiming to be a democracy is a contradiction in terms and hence by definition can never be a democratic society. A true democracy is a multicultural society, with equal rights for all its citizens, regardless of creed, race, gender or ethnic origin. In a democracy anyone can be a member or candidate for any of the country's political parties. Not so in Israel where one has to be a Jew in order to be a member or qualify to be elected for a particular political party. In a democracy no matter whether one is a Catholic, African, Protestant, China man, Muslim, Moroccan or Buddhist anyone can vote or stand as a candidate for the party of his choice as long as he or she is a national of that state. In order to give Israel some semblance of a democracy the Zionists will argue that there is an Arab 'party' sitting in the Knesset representing the Arab population of Israel. This is sheer deception and window dressing, because these so called parties have no voice and are not included in any key-decision making positions or committees as they would have in a real democracy.  Moreover only 20% of the original native Arabs are allowed to live in Israel and although Israel since its foundation in 1948 added by conquest almost another 40%  either de facto or actually to its territory, none of the other native Arabs of former Palestine that were forcibly driven from their land, have been given legal democratic rights; remain stateless and have been living for the last 45/60 years in appalling conditions in huge refugee camps in the West bank and Gaza and beyond, in complete violation by Israel of all UN resolutions and the Geneva Convention. These Palestinians are refused to return to their native country. In a democratic state as we know it in the rest of the world, these people would have been given the right to return to their country of origin and eligible to vote. Purely for demographic reasons Zionism keeps the number of Arab/Palestinians to vote round approximately 20% so as to preserve its Jewish identity. In a democracy no one is forced to sign declarations of allegiance to the State and in a democracy people of different faith and ethnic origins can marry each other. In Israel an Arab cannot marry a Jew or vise verse.. Only Jews can become citizens of the Zionist state. Israel fakes to be a 'democracy', but could never be accepted as a member of the European Union for the reasons listed here or for that matter the 51st State of the United States (because it would be against the American Constitution).