Tuesday, April 5, 2011


100. Netanyahu was recently reported to have said that Israel's army is the most 'moral army' in the world. Lets have a look a its record:
During the 1967 war an Israeli reporter for Yediot Aharanot reported the following during Israel's Sinai campaign in Egypt:
It occurred at the El Arish airport, where Israel Tal's division - Yehoshua Bar-Dayan ur it - had set up its headquarters. Some 150 POW prisoners were held in an aircraft hanger surrounded with sandbags. They had huddled on the ground with their hands at the backs of their necks. Not far away was a desk where two men in IDF uniform were sitting. They wore steel helmets and their faces were hidden by dust goggles and khaki bandannas. Every so often the military police would pick out a prisoner from the holding
pen and lead him to the desk. Brunn could not hear the brief exchange, but he saw that when it was finished, the prisoner was led about a hundred yards behind the hanger and handed a shovel.
I watched the man dig a large pit for about fifteen minutes. Then the officer told him to throw away the shovel and one of them aimed an Uzi submachine gun and fired two short bursts at the man, three to four bullets each. The prisoner fell dead. Then more prisoners were brought out and shot. Brunn saw roughly ten such executions. An officer whose identity Brunn could not recall the explained to the horrified reservists that military intelligence had identified some Palestine terrorists among the POW in the holding pen, men who had killed Jews. They had disguised themselves as Egyptian soldiers and fled the Gaza strip."
These stories were also corroborated by historian  Arieh Yitzhaki, who quoted a soldier Kobi Rabinowitz writing to his girlfriend: "We turned the the Sinai Peninsula into a valley of death, into one big cemetery. Unarmed men, prisoners with their hand above their heads, cut down against orders. He finished his letter with the following words: Apparently it doesn't take years of Nazi education to turn people into animals".

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