Friday, March 22, 2013


So Mr. Netanyahu wants us to believe that Israel is an 'exemplary' democracy. Nothing however is further from the truth. An exclusively 'Jewish' state and at the same time claiming to be a 'democracy' is a contradiction in terms and by definition such a country could never be a democracy. However, in order to give Israel some semblance of a 'democratic' state it is often being argued that there is an Arab party sitting in the Knesset representing the Arab population. This is sheer window dressing, because these so called Arab parties are not included in any key-decision making committees as is the case in a real democracy. In a democracy no one is forced to sign a declaration of allegiance to the state; in a democracy people of different faith and ethnic origins can marry each other. In Israel an Arab cannot marry a Jew or visa versa. In order to preserve the Jewish identity of the sate the Jewish/Arab population ratios are artificially kept at respectively 80/20%. Israel to all intents and purposes is a fake democracy and for that reason would never be accepted as a member of the European Union or for that matter become the 51st state of the United States of America.
19 February 2013