Friday, March 22, 2013


Ten years ago the Iraq war broke out and from then on there was a lively intensive debate in these columns about the rights and wrongs of that war. For many years after I used to be a regular contributor to that debate on the Iraq war with more than sixty letters published. Also during the Vietnam war there used to be lively lengthy debates and discussions going on in the media. I had even more letters published then, very long letters with references and lengthy quotes from relevant sources. Writing about geo-political issues in particular in the Middle East to-day is taboo, so one may wonder what is going on ? A vicious proxy war is being waged in Syria to-day, started and fomented by the US/NATO/Israel alliance, supplying outside forces with sophisticated weaponry via their client states of Qatar and Saudi Arabia.  A war that may well lead to a nuclear war eventually. Mankind stands at a cross road to-day, yet no word whatsoever in New Zealand news media or in their letters to the editor columns. It is becoming more obvious by the day that western corporate media are Zionist dominated and controlled and as your cartoonist so aptly expresses it in yesterday's Press (20/03) "The next manufactured conflict". How right he is.
21st March 2013