Monday, July 15, 2013


An overwhelming majority last Friday (12/07/13) on the Cambelllive survey voted 'NO' on the proposed GCSB bill and gives us some indication what the overall opinion is amongst the public. In a democratic society a government takes notice of the will of the people it represents. In this case the government has clearly no mandate whatsoever for this bill. The bill, if accepted will eventually have fundamental ramifications, as rightly feared by human rights organisations and others. This bill is a dangerous retrograde step designed to bring us in line with the US and may eventually bring us down on a slippery slope into the abyss of the totalitarian police state. The disingenuous argument that  'as long as you are a law abiding citizen going about your daily business' is sheer bogus, as future governments by introducing new laws can easily shift the goalposts. To-day's activist or protester may then well be dubbed a 'terrorist' to-morrow. You'd better be warned !
(posted 14 July '13 rejected by the Press editor(s)