Wednesday, August 28, 2013


I can see quite a distinct correlation between mounting impoverishment in the US (Press 30/07) and  aggressive surveillance programs being created in the world, including New Zealand's contentious GSCB bill currently discussed in Parliament. Billions of dollars are being squandered annually on armaments and propping up corrupt dictatorships, while millions of people are suffering extreme hardship. One in six people to-day lives in a slum. This must inevitably lead to ever increasing discontent amongst large sections of the world's population, who will no longer tolerate and accept such economic deprivations and injustice. Since the American fake democratic system does not offer people real viable choices, it stands to reason that ever mounting poverty and increased discontent must eventually at some future point in time be spilling over in violence. It is a trend governments are no doubt well aware off and are therefore already taking such draconian steps as spying on their own populations, enabling them to nib any unrest in the bud.
31 July 2013