Friday, November 14, 2014

168 Letters to the Chrstchurch Press

As could have been expected the reporting of 'investigations' (Press 'World' 11/09) by the western media of the downing of the Malaysian passenger plane MH17 is being politicized and given an anti-Russian spin. The findings of the plane being hit by 'high energy objects from outside the aircraft' are in fact more consistent with holes caused by machine gun fire. The Malaysian daily 'The New Straits Times' reported on August 7 that there is compelling evidence that the plane was downed by an air-to-air missile and "finished off by machinegun fire" from one of the two Ukrainian fighter jets observed in close proximity from the ill-fated plane. These findings were corroborated by several US intelligence agencies according to the same article, as well as eye witness accounts from locals on the ground as published in the British press but shortly after publication withdrawn. (see previous post 167). This side of the story also corroborates with the analysis of a German pilot and aviation expert and can be found on the website ''.
Submitted 11 September but rejected.

The author of your editorial (27/09) appears to be suffering from amnesia. The Gulf states and CIA in Jordan have been financing, training and funnelling weapons to ISIS terrorists with the stated goal of regime change in Syria. This has turned out to be yet another debacle for the US. The Syrian army has been able to push the terrorists back to her eastern borders and deep into Iraq, where ISIS subsequently over ran a totally ineffective Iraqi army and gained access to huge stockpiles of yet more American armaments. The Syrian army carried out the bulk of the battle against ISIS, so it would have been logical to support Assad in defeating ISIS. The reasons the US chose not to do so is America's ultimate goal to topple Assad and deprive the Russians of their naval base on the Mediterranean. Its now only a matter of time and another pretext will be found to attack Syria. That may lead to an extremely dangerous confrontation between the tow major nuclear powers. So New Zealand should stay out and let America sort out the mess of which they themselves are the principle architects.
Published 30/09/2014


John Key, according to Warren Thompson (10/10) is "struggling" to make a decision for sending the SAS to the ME. Key obviously must be in a quandary making that decision because as a contender for a set in the UN Security Council he is well aware that the American bombing of ISIS in Syria without the approval of the Syrian government is in breach of the UN Charter and international law. However why should New Zealand join in, knowing that America and its dubious allies in the ME possess all the military means to root out these medievalist head choppers ? Ans why not involve Israel which is the strongest military power in the ME ? The US is utterly disingenuous since it has - though so far unsuccessfully - over the last three years intentionally used ISIS (under many different names before) to gain a foorhold in Syria to bring down the democratically elected government of Bashar al Assad. Now the US is trying it again through the backdoor. If the US was genuine it should stop funding and arm terrorists fighting inside Syria and coordinate with the Syrian government to end the scourge of the Islamic caliphate.
Published 14/10/2014


From all accounts it appears that the elections in the Donbass self-proclaimed republic in eastern Ukraine have turned out to be an unqualified success (Press 04/11). The elections were closely monitored by a host of observers from France, Italy, Israel, Britain and many other European countries, who stated that the elections were carried out in accordance with international democratic norms. The turn out was close to 8o% and in stark contrast with recent Kiev elections, where just under about 40% went to the ballot box. (Please Note: the popular Communist Party amongst other parties were barred from the elections). The Kiev elections were marred with intimidation and molestations of journalists and candidates some of whom had been dumped in rubbish containers. Its not surprising that the Russian speaking people voted for separation from Kiev after months of war resulting in 4000 civilians killed during indiscriminate shelling and bombing by Kiev militias. Unreported by western media is the fact that serious war crimes have been committed by the Kiev regime as became evident by the discovery of unmarked graves in the east of civilians with hands tied behind their backs.
Not published 04/11/2014


So John Key reluctantly and most likely after some arm twisting by our US friends, opted for New Zealand joining the "coalition of the not so willing" to combat ISIS. However the Prime Minister must no doubt be aware of the real intentions of the United States which is the overthrow of the Assad government. ISIS is a merger of several terrorist groups in Syria and funded and funnelled with weapons by the Gulf states and trained in Jordan by the CIA and te Israeli Mossad. Has one ever wondered why ISIS does not attack Israel ? I also remember some TV footage not long ago of Netanyahu visiting wounded terrorists (euphemistically called "Free Syrian Army") in a hospital in the Golden Heights. Where does NZ stand in the event the war transgresses into government held Syrian territory. Syria is a sovereign independent state which has been fighting ISIS for the last three years, which would make it a natural ally. Syria is treaty bound with Russia, with a mutual defence pact and Russia has already warned that any attack on Syria is crossing a Red Line ! Organizing and supporting armed groups aiming at overthrowing sovereign governments is a violation of international law and the UN Charter. Besides participating is a war that has already cost more than 200,000 lives is downright immoral and New Zealand never be part of it.
06/11/2014 Not published


The insistence of western news media that the Malaysian passenger plane MH17  was downed by a Russian Buk missile (Press 12/11) contradicts several unreported expert analysis who found that the plane was shot down in the air by one of the Ukrainian fighter jets that had been seen trailing the ill-fated plane for some time. This fact was confirmed by Russian air traffic control who at the time had released radar images of the plane's flight path. A very compelling analysis was done by a German pilot and aviation expert ( convincingly showing that the fuselage was riddled with bullet holes consistent with that from a heavy machine gun. This also corroborates with a recent report that some passengers had time to grab their oxygen masks. (A body was found with still an oxygen mask on). If indeed the plane had been downed by a missile than its condensation vapor trail would have been visible for at least 15 minutes from distances up to 30 kms. Surely someone would have made a picture of it. These days almost everyone carries a cell phone  capable of making pictures.                                       
Submitted 12 Nov but rejected