Monday, September 28, 2009

Obama's peace efforts

4. By trying to bolster Mahoud Abas, the Obama adminstration is repeating the same mistakes it made before with Arafat at the time, because the Palestinian people are supporting Hamas
- their democratically elected representatives - en mass. A so called "sovereign" Palestinian state is a mere pipedream. Such a completely landlocked enclave existing in the shadows of a military giant can and will never be an acceptable option for the Palestinians. It could never be a genuinely sovereign state by any stretch of the imagination.
The only viable solution to the ME crisis is for the Jews to abandon their (undemocratic) "one religion state" and to proclaim a UNITARY state embracing both Jews and the indigenous Palestinian/Arabs, now living in refugee camps, in accordance with UN resolution 194 sub 11 as indeed was envisaged during the Mandate years by the British during the nineteen thirties and forties. Both Ernest Bevin and Churchill already predicted that a solely Jewish state would be disastrous for the region as it would entail a permanent state of war between the Zionist and their Arab neighbors. History has shown how right they had been.