Saturday, December 12, 2009

Jewish origins

5. Zionists base their questionable rights to expel Palestinians from their ancestral land on the Old Testament. (See Numbers 33:50-56). Modern research has shown these claims to be quite untenable. The majority of Israelis currently living in Israel are of East European origin. They are in fact not Semites, but Khazars, Mongols and Huns. Hence most Israelis to-day do not have ancestors who ever lived in Palestine, nullifying all claims, biblical or Zionist, to any traditional, ancestral or religious ownership of the land. Recent DNA testing of both native Palestinian Jews and Arabs indicate that many have common ancestry, leading to speculation that both groups were in fact Canaanites, who later split in Jews and Arabs. Many of these Jews converted to Islam round 630 ad. The Jewish Israeli historian Tom Sagev reviewing the book :"When and How Was the Jewish People Invented ?" by Shlomo Zand (or Sand) from TelAviv University in the Jewish newspaper Ha'retz wrote: "There never was a Jewish people, only a Jewish religion, and the exile also never happened, hence there was no return" (of the Jewish diaspora).
Thanks to P.C. for this information