Tuesday, January 12, 2010


15. The Zionist creation of Israel is historically an aberration since this state is founded on a supremacy of one singular religion: Judaism. The demographic "landscape" has to be kept in check and need to be adjusted accordingly, in order to keep the Jewish/Arab Palestinian demography in favour of a Jewish majority, which since the inception of Israel has been kept at appr. 80/20%. The greatest nightmare for the Zionists is the far higher birthrates of the Arab population. (Please note that birthrates in poor communities are always much higher than in affluent societies). Prior to 1948 the Arab Palestinian/Jewish population ratio was approximately 80/20%. In order to reach the reverse ratio - as it is to-day - the indigenous Palestinian population had to be be expelled from their land. Ethnic cleansing campaigns on a large scale began in 1947 (Ben Gurion's Delta Plan B) a year before his unilateral proclamation in May 1948 and was carried out by the terrorist (as such described by contemporary news media) organisation Haganah, Irgun and Stern gangs, later amalgamated into the IDF. Some 400 Palestinian villages were razed to the ground, its inhabitants massacred (go to Googles and enter DAWAYMEH and also DEIR YASSIN), or made to flee to neighboring countries into the misery huge refugee camps, where they are still residing to this very day.

It stands to reason that Zionists vehemently deny these massacres, they have a strong ally in the western media(see quote by George Antonius at the bottom of INTRODUCTION) However, ironically most evidence comes from Jewish historians themselves and can hardly be denied.