Monday, January 11, 2010


14. Zionist claims that the refugee problem was the result of the population fleeing for the "invading" Arab countries is quite untenable. 1) If that were true there would undoubtedly be many Jews amongst the refugees, which was not the case. There were no Jewish refugees. (and if there were they would of course have no problem returning) 2)Under international law (Geneva Convention Art 49 as well as U.N. Res. 194/ Art 11 December 11, 1948) refugees fleeing from war, have the right to return to their country of origin. 3) "Invading" Arab countries is also a misnomer, since Israel on the 15th May 1948 was at that point in time not an international recognised nation; had no legal status, was not a geographic entity as borders were not and are still not finalised. Ben Gurion, despite many warnings from amongst others American statesmen at the time and against United Nation plans and intentions, had unilaterally proclaimed his self styled "state". The United Nations Partition Plan Res. 188 had still not been finalised and was also rejected by the Arab side, who wanted democratic elections, which were rejected by the Zionists because of the Arab numerical majority they would have lost these elections. Israel was first recognised by the United Nations a year later on 11 May 1949.