Sunday, January 10, 2010


13.Some truly revealing words were spoken by one of Israel's great soldiers: Moshe Dayan in April 1956 at an eulogy for two slain soldiers: He said (quote):

"Let's not condemn these murders to-day. What do we know of their fierce hatred for us ? For eight years they have been living in refugee camps in Gaza, while right before their eyes e have been turning their land and villages, in which their forefathers lived, into our land. We should demand R's (the slain soldier)blood not from Arabs in GAZA,but from ourselves, for closing our eys to ourcruel fate and the role of our generation"
(from Martin Gilbert's "ISRAEL a history" bottom of page 311)

Dayan's words may be helpful in gaining a better understanding of the origins hat have lead to the Palestine/Israeli conflict.