Monday, February 1, 2010


23.To-days KBRM advertisements is sickening. To have the audacity to propagandize its Haiti relief efforts, while on the other hand it has killed and maimed hundreds of children in the GAZA strip last year and thousands over the last sixty years in Lebanon using phosphorous and cluster bombs against a civilian population.
Last year this evil regime blocked a convoy of 120 trucks at the GAZA/Egypt border bringing medical and other humanitarian relief aid to this stricken enclave. Where is the "balance" in reporting ?


Reaction from F.F. to KBRM ad.
If the two writers did not find errors in KBRM advertisement according to Rodney Brooks (27/1) I can point one out.
The advert says that Israel is "fighting for its life"; not true, not with the 4th biggest army in the world, nuclear armaments, and support from the U.S., against rockets which miss 350 times to 1.
It is fighting to keep this land it occupies in the West Bank and tries hard to by-pass world condemnation when it cannot even stop its settlers to slow down their illegal expansion. What comes out or came out of GAZA (rockets) is connected with the settlers in the West Bank, who refuse to stop building, never mind leaving their illegal occupation. It does not fight for its life, but to keep its illegal expansion.
The letter was rejected by the Press.