Tuesday, February 2, 2010


24.I write this with great trepidation as it takes me out of my comfort zone, and is bound to do the same for you. It is about a conspiracy to spread 1918 flu virus in contaminated vaccines, to kill people because they will otherwise collapse their countries' economies as increasing numbers retire.The source is a magazine produced in Auckland by the New Yorker who edited the book: "Suppressed Inventions". The magazine is a collection of rebellious articles from the Internet, independent of the corporate media. It was the first to expose the 9/11 conspiracy to NZ. One of 9/11's main players, Donald Rumsfeld, was the main beneficiary of the bird flu epidemic, because his company made the vaccine Tamiflu. He is involved in the present pandemic plan in preparation for the next, more deadly vaccine.

A huge natural gas field has been found off the coast of GAZA in the Mediterranean Sea. Its existence is surely why Israel is trying to get rid of the Palestinians in GAZA. Now this pandemic offers their ideal solution if spread through GAZA.
Contributed by R.H.