Tuesday, February 2, 2010


25.I was particularly appalled by "Dr" Rodney Brook's lack of concern for Palestinian suffering in his letter and statement that only Israel security matters-this is the worst kind of Zionist racism and reminds me of German lack of concern for Jewish and other subject people's suffering during the war (WW2) This kind of extremist partisan approach is totally inhuman, no matter which side is taken in a conflict such as this.

Some of you may have already come across to references of Israeli government support for Hamas in the late 70's as a part of a plan to undermine the secular PLO. This is a good point to throw at Zionists who harp on about "progressive, democratic Israel defending the world from Islamic terror" (Hamas). In fact, Israel has actively fostered the Islamisation of Palestinian opposition.
See http://www.globalresearch.ca/articles/SZA204A.html
also: See the important original United Press International article (2002) revealing the link between Israel and Hamas referenced in the above article at
This website(Information Clearing House) is one of the best news sites which collates important articles from around the globe often ignored by the mainstream media.

The follwig article has much interesting detail on the links between the Israeli government and Hamas:
see. http://www.prisonplanet.com/analysis_watson_012703_hamas.html

Also visit Google "Israel supports Hamas" to bring up many articles.

This Israeli support for Islamists is of course a similar ploy to the US support for Osama Bin Laden when it suited their strategies against secular Afghan and Russian communists- the subsequent justification given for a "war on terror" when Islamist terrorism is similar too.
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