Tuesday, March 23, 2010


41. United Nation Resolution 181 signed 29 November 1947 divided Palestine in three parts: a Jewish part, a Palestinian part with Jerusalem declared an international zone Corpus Separatum, to be administered by the United Nations. After ten years a referendum was to be held to seek the views of the city's residents. To-day that referendum is dead history. It has been replaced by continued expulsions of the indigenous Palestinian people of Jerusalem. The Palestinian and Arab countries had all rejected the U.N. plan outright. The Zionists however, accepted the plan as a means, stepping stone to further their planned conquest of the entire territory of Palestine. Ben Gurion (as quoted by the pro-Israel historian Benny Morris) stated: As to declaring statehood, Ben Gurion was adamant about not defining the new state's borders, arguing that "if our strength proves sufficient, the Yishuv will conquer Western Gallilee and the length of the Tel Aviv - Jerusalem road - and it was implied, coopt West Jerusalem - and all will be part of the state.....So why commit ourselves to a smaller state? "
Zionist underground terrorist groups, such as the Haganah, Stern and Irgun gangs began to attack Palestinian villages and towns after the 1947 UN Partition declaration in order to secure more land than allocated to them by the United Nations. Zionists exerted all terrorists efforts to achieve maximum land gains (which is still going on to this very day) while the British prepared to end their Mandate in Palestine. In March 1948 the Zionists had achieved military superiority and set in motion all political lobbying machinery to declare their Zionist State. Realising the extremely volatile situation that had emerged as a result of the partition plan, the U.S. admitted that partitioning could not be carried out in a peaceful manner and proposed a temporary UN Trusteeship. This plan and calls for a ceasefire also fell on dead Zionist and Palestinian ears.

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