Sunday, March 21, 2010


40. I like to remind Ken Orr, Spokesman Right to Life NZ (Press 22/03) that the demonstration at the Waihopai base was "pro life". When George W. Bush and cronies in March 2003 for the "greater good" illegally invaded Iraq and killed, maimed and displaced over a million innocent people, causing trillions of dollars of damage to that country, they went scot-free, even though after his illusory "greater good" proved to be a deception as we all know to-day. However when on the other hand peace activists fro the "greater good of humanity" cause damage to a technology that's being designed and used to destroy life and property, then all of a sudden the verdict according to Ken Orr, becomes "questionable". Would Ken Orr be against activists who destroy instruments used in abortions ? To allow such bases in New Zealand makes us guilty by association.

P.S. The Waihopai base is an U.S. spy base, used for military purposes for its wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere in the world.
Letter as could be expected rejected again by he editor.