Friday, March 26, 2010


"Photo of Jewish West Bank settlement. One poll holds that many Israelis would refuse a state order to evacuate their settlements and fight back if forced to do so".

44. Endless peace talks about the creation of a Palestinian state have been going on for decades. However it becomes increasingly clear that this may just be a mere ploy used by U.S. and Israel meant to torpedo any such prospect. The chances of this happening are getting slimmer by the day. The Zionists have never had the slightest intention to allow Palestinians to have their own state. Ben Gurian already wrote in his memoirs "The Revolt" (1948) that all of Palestine should become part of the Zionist State of "Greater Israel". The continued building of new settlements, the so called "security wall", house demolitions and withholding and refusing to issue building and residence permits to Palestinians, all illegal under international law, are nothing more than land grabs and a protracted ethnic cleansing. All this as well as numerous road check points making life as difficult as possible for the indigenous population signify a slow gradual strangulation and future annexation of the West Bank. How ridiculous the very thought of a "two state" concept is, one should wonder what is going to happen to the Jewish settlers in such a Palestine state. Are they going to adopt the Palestinian nationality ? Are they going to abandon and pull down or hand over their settlements and return to Israel ? Of course not. The Palestinian population will eventually end up in reservations (separated from each other by the "security wall"), same as once the blacks in South Africa, providing cheap labour and the American Indians. If Palestinians were to be given full democratic voting rights and equal opportunities regardless of gender,race or creed, than Israel would cease to be a one religion state and become a truly democratic state. Zionism and democracy are per definition totally incompatible with each other.