Wednesday, March 24, 2010


42. The following contribution is from a letter writer whose letter was rejected by the Press
"Prime Minister Netanyahu said at the AIPAC conference that East Jerusalem is not a settlement but part of the Jewish capital (or words to that effect). But it is taking away land from Palestinians that was always theirs for generations and does not reflect justice or legitimacy. Following Netanyahu's logic, Mexicans could reclaim California, Colorado etc. and Amerindians all of America. And they did not loose 2000 years ago, just 300 - 400. It seems obvious that compromise would go a long way towards peace and give the U.S. a better chance at calming the Arab world. If only AIPAC could loosen its grip on all these American politician, the US could reduce funding to Israel ($3 billions/year) and bring it back to reason instead of looking powerless. A concession, leaving East Jerusalem to Arabs, would be the start of a turning point towards peace in the Middle East"
Contributed by FF 24/03/10