Monday, April 19, 2010


52. Israeli society is no less suffused with evil than were the people of Germany under Hitler. For some sixty years now the Palestinian people have faced in many respects comparable evils as was inflicted by the Nazis on virtually defenseless nations during the thirties and forties . That should not be construed as a racist statement or a primitive demonising of an entire people. It is calling a spade a spade. The U.S. talks about rogue and evil states. Zionists within Israeli society, who seek the destruction of the Palestinian people represent the essence of evil and barbarism, making present day Israel to all intents and purposes a classic example of the rogue state. And now is the time to say so to the world at large loud and clear ! We are not suggesting that Israeli people are intrinsically or genetically more evil than the Germans under Hitler. We are saying that like the Nazis, the Zionist leaders in Israeli society have succeeded in indoctrinating and transforming Israelis into a society which is inspired by evil.
Contributed by I.L.

For "beginners":See Post 26 for a short history of the creation of Israel. Essential reading for understanding to-days conflict.