Monday, December 6, 2010


86. There can never be peace with he Islamic world as long as the US supports Israel and allows this country to violate international law and commit crimes against humanity. Indonesia (as far as I am aware and several other countries) has never recognised the State of Israel. The latter is seen by the majority of mankind as a colonial settlers state, same as eg Rhodesia, South Africa, Angola etecetera.  It depends economically and military entirely on the United States (the surrogate mother country), where as far as foreign policy is concerned the Zionists lobby is in the drivers seat. Israel has become an increasingly heavy burden on the US and its citizens who at the end of the day are paying dearly for keeping this rogue state in existence, which same as Hitler's 'thousand years Reich' will not be for ever. One day you will be able to buy a book entitled:"the Rise and Fall of Israeli Zionism".