Monday, December 6, 2010


85.The irony is that 20th century immigrant colonial settlers, mostly from eastern Europe, who had over time had converted to Judaism, are now killing the real original Jews most of whom converted to Islam when overrun by Arab forces some 1300 years ago. Arabs and REAL Palestinian Jews are both Semites, thy belong genetically to the same race, but worshipped different religions. In ancient times they tolerated each other well and used to live in peace and harmony together. Not so the foreign converted Jews, who genetically are related to the people of southern Russia. many of the remaining Palestinian Jews joined the Arab armies during their conquests round the Mediterranean and east of the Byzantine Empire into the Caucuses and became proselytizers for the Jewish religion. The original homeland of most to-days surrogate Israelis is situated in southern Russia, the former Kingdom of Khazaria. Israelis are worshipping the false Messiah, probably difficult to swallow for many of them.