Monday, December 6, 2010


84. I found the remarks of one of your correspondents rather hilarious when he mentioned 'The Wandering Jew', a piece of not so clever deception from Zionist mythology. If it was true and Palestine, according to the same mythology was an 'empty country', than one may wonder why it took some 2000 years before a Theodore Herzl exhorted Jews to return to this 'empty contry'. In 1939 the world Jewish population stood at 16.7 million. During the first half of the 20th century most Jews emigrated to the US, before it stopped any further immigration into the country. In 1920 Jewish population of the US already stood at 3.6 million. The 1947 Straton Bill would have allowed 400,000 holocaust survivors to enter the US, but was defeated by the strong powerful Zionist lobbies, who wanted them as manpower for their colonial settler state. European Jewry has always preferred America as their 'chosen country' and few American (and elsewhere) Jews are willing to swap America for Israel.