Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Palestinian State ?

  green: states already recognizing the Palestinian state, some not Israel
90.   Do we see cracks appearing in the western world protecting the Zionist state ? Britain seeking to open diplomatic relations with the Palestinian authority, Latin American countries recognizing a Palestinian state on the West Bank ? Would it not be wonderful to have a genuine sovereign democratic multicultural Palestinian state where Arabs, Christians and Jews can live in peace and harmony together, where a Jew can marry an Arab and vise verse. Could this eventually lead to a unitary state ? Is that where Zionism is afraid of  because it would set a great example to the Israeli ONE religion only state. However the Zionist regime in Israel would never allow this to happen. It will no doubt invent new provocations, as they did in Gaza, and continue their belligerence  and war against the Palestinian people, thus ensuring ever more American military and economic aid and the western world's Zionist dominated corporate media will invariably comply.