Friday, December 31, 2010


91. Historians make no mention of an expulsion of the inhabitants of Judea after the destruction of the second Temple or after the Bar-Kokhba revolt. There does not exist one single study or book written by any of the world's historians devoted to an alleged 'exile of the Jews' by the Romans, for the simple reason that no such forcible expulsion ever took place.  Yet Zionism needed a solid ethnocentric legitimacy in order to justify the pursuit of conquest and expansion of territory and managed to have this 'legimacy' recognized by wide circles of western opinion.  For example the conquerors of the Holy City could not appear, even in part,as descendants of Berber horsemen or Khazars. They had to be the heirs of the warriors of the great 'Kingdom of David'.  Hence a whole historiographic heritage of the world's most renowned historians was unacceptable to Zionism, had to be ignored and kept hidden from Israel's citizens and students.  It was replaced by a 'seculerised' mythhistory of the Old Testament.  However it is a bitter irony of history that rather than continuing the lines of pluralistic research into this rich tradition, from the early 1970's the hunt was on in Israeli laboratories of molecular biology, for marks of a DNA common to all 'children of Israel'.
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