Tuesday, February 1, 2011


92. 'Winds of change' are blowing through the Arab world.  Puppet, quisling dictatorships, all client state of the United States are tumbling one after the other like dominoes. Unrest has already been reported in Jordan and Yemen as well and Lebanon's Hezbollah is strengthening its grip on the country. Iraq is still in turmoil with the Shi-ite majority demanding the withdrawal of US troops from the country.  It had to happen sometime and it may indeed take years for these countries to recuperate from these upheavals. it will certainly not mean pie in the sky for a long time to come.. But once the US/Israeli one sided balance of power in the region has shifted, there might eventually be progress.  However, meanwhile there are still grave dangers lurking. The US/Israeli alliance will not take these changes lying down. Israel, since its very inception, is known to have provoked border incidents, skirmishes and worse wars in the region. I am sure they will not accept the the GAZA blockade to be broken, which could well be on the cards with a new Egyptian government and they will fight tooth and nail to keep the long suffering people of Gaza imprisoned.